Beam Brush Bluetooth Device Review:

A wonderful, creative inexpensive way to improve your dental health.

Beam Brush Bluetooth Device Review 3For many years, my dentist as been after me to start using an electric toothbrush. I’ve been hesitant to do so only because I never felt like those types of brushes could do as good as a job, or be as accurate, as my plain old manual toothbrush AND most models were $100 or more. Then, two Christmases ago, I took the plunge and started using an electric toothbrush when I received one as a gift. I did feel as though it helped keep my teeth cleaner and it was leaps and bounds better than models that were in the market years ago when my dentist first started mentioning that I use one.

I can say though, that even with the knowledge that my new electric toothbrush did a better cleaning job, it was still too expensive and I wouldn’t have spent the money on one if it hadn’t of been given as a gift. But, now that I had one, the only problem now was me being consistent with using it multiple times a day. Because of my love of home automation, I started looking for toothbrushes that connected via Bluetooth so that I could keep close track of my brushing habits and receive rewards for completing certain milestones within an app. In my research, I immediately found that the options that were available were on average $200 — until the Beam Brush entered the market.

Beam Brush Bluetooth Device Review 4Beam Brush is an sonic toothbrush that pairs via Bluetooth to your smartphone. The mission of the Beam Brush is to connect consumers to dental goods and service they need. There are several connected brushes in the market, but they are cost-prohibitive and as a result, people don’t buy them.

A big part of the reason that I became enamored with home automation and connected products was because I believe that the best way to improve and evolve is to track data. And, by adding gamification into the mix, you can hold people’s interest much longer. That’s exactly how I feel about the Beam Brush. Users can make it a challenge for themselves to do better than the day before and in the process, improve their dental health.

Beam Brush Bluetooth Device Review 8There are three options users can choose between while they brush – a game that is played on the app using the toothbrush as a controller (similar to a Wii game), an aggregated feed of popular social content from social media sources, or an interactive two-minute timer. The recommended timing for a brushing session is two minutes, which can seem like an eternity for some – myself included. I think its great that Beam thought of this and added in some incentives to keep people brushing longer. I know that it’s helped me.

Beam Brush was one of the many products that came out of CES this year. As soon as I heard about it, I fell in love and knew that I had to try it out. At a price of $29, it’s hard to pass up when its competitors are 10 times that cost.

Beam Brush Bluetooth Device Review 5FIRST IMPRESSIONS
Out of the box, the brush looks like any other electric toothbrush. The brush is contours and has ridges to get those hard to reach places in your mouth and the head is interchangeable. There is an obvious power button and the battery trap door is way to open and close. One of the things I really appreciated was the very clear instructions the manufacturer put on the handle of the brush. It read, “Flip batter so ‘+’ is down.” While that might be obvious to some, it probably saves others tons of frustration when trying to power the brush on the first time.

Beam Brush Bluetooth Device Review 6UTILITY
So, how did the brush work for me and how did it compare to my other electric brush? It works extremely well and honestly, it’s just as good as if not better than the toothbrush that was gifted to me. The brush’s sonic power technology can be dynamically controlled to the user’s preference. This is a feature that I really appreciated because not only can I ensure that my teeth are as clean as they can be, but I can also keep a better handle on my battery’s level and when the brush head needs to be changed. On that note, Beam actually has an automatic refills function built-in to the program. Brush heads are shipped directly to a user’s door when they are needed. This is a very cool feature and I’m eager to see my first new brush head, but that won’t be for some time.

Beam’s connection technology also allowed my iPhone to connect immediately to the brush when its power was turned on. I’ve tried other brush tracking apps, but you have to do everything manually. This one works so well with the iOS ecosystem and utilizes all the newest technologies available, that it’s a powerful tool for moving towards better health for you and your family.

Beam Brush Bluetooth Device Review 7CONCLUSION
You can’t beat the price and quality of that you get with the Beam Brush. You get a well-designed, app and Bluetooth connected, sonic toothbrush for only $29. I would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their dental health. It’s a great tool and it will revolutionize how you brush your teeth.

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