A stylish accessory with faulty functionality.

If there is one thing that past few years have taught me, it’s that charging cables come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve used standard Apple Lightning cables, extremely long 6-foot charging cables, and even super short cables that are made to look like keys. There is one trend I’ve not tried until today though and that is the charging cable bracelet.

This beaded bracelet measures a little over 9 inches when it’s laying flat and it encases a USB-C to USB-A charging cable. The cable only weighs 18 grams and it ensures that you always have a way to charge your most precious devices. The cable is a charging and a syncing cable in one and it is made to be very durable. The bracelet comes in either black or white (I opted for black) and it’s compatible with all Type-C devices.

Bead Bracelet Type-C USB Cable REVIEW

First of all, I really like the look of the bracelet. It’s a simple black beaded bracelet and it goes with anything. It’s very convenient to have the cable with you at all times. It’s reassuring to know that you easily have a way to connect. The bracelet is actually pretty comfortable. I’m not much for wearing things on my wrist (except my Apple Watch), but because it’s so lightweight, I didn’t even really notice it was there. Typing while wearing the bracelet was a little off-putting. I kept clicking against my wrist rests on my MacBook Pro and while no damage was done to either the bracelet or the computer, I still preferred to take it off while I was doing any lengthy typing projects. The ‘clasp’ point of the bracelet is where the USB-C connector and the USB-A connector lock into each other. It’s a tight fit and it was a little tricky joining the two ends with one hand. And because the bracelet isn’t flexible or elastic, you can’t just slip it off your hand in one piece. \

Bead Bracelet Type-C USB Cable REVIEW

As for the cable part of the device, I wish I had better things to say. The best device I have to test this particular cable out on was my Google Pixel smartphone. It connects through USB-C and since this cable is catering towards portability situations, I decided to charge the phone with it. When I plugged the USB-C plug into the phone, I was shocked to find that it didn’t fit correctly. The USB-C connector is quite a bit longer than other connectors I have so there was a portion of the USB-C connector sticking out of the port. On top of that, it was just a loose fit. At one point, I plugged the cable into the phone and the cable just fell out of the port. At first, I thought that maybe it was just the phone, but I tried the same thing with my MacBook Pro and I ran into the same loose cable issue. I did try charging the phone using the cable, but the phone didn’t register that it was plugged in.

Bead Bracelet Type-C USB Cable REVIEW

Even though I really like the idea of this cable as a fashion accessory, this particular cable failed to deliver. I had really high hopes for it and hope that maybe I just had a defective unit. If you are interested in learning more, the link to the product is found below.

For more information, visit brando.com/bead-bracelet-type-c.
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