Build a snake and avoid bricks. Great time killer.

Every once in a while, I take a break from productivity and turn my attention to some lighthearted games on my mobile phone. Today, I decided to peruse the selection of recently released, top rated free games and see if I wanted to play any of them. One particular app – Balls vs Blocks caught my eye.

Balls vs Blocks is a very simple game. It has a snake-like flavor to it, but there’s a twist. The goal of the game is to build your snake by moving through the balls that show up on the screen. Each ball has a number attached to it. That indicates how many balls will be added to your chain. As you move through the game, you will encounter multi-colored blocks with numbers on them. These numbers indicate how many balls you will lose off your chain if you hit them. You can survive the blocks if you have a long enough chain. For example, if you have a chain that is 14 balls long and you hit a 2 block, you will only lose 2 balls and still have a chain that is 12 balls long that you can continue building on.

Balls vs Blocks Endless Scrolling Game REVIEW Balls vs Blocks Endless Scrolling Game REVIEW

This endless scrolling game gets more challenging as you go along. There are higher numbered blocks (I’ve seen them as high as 50) that you have to avoid and it can get pretty hairy. If you brush up against the side of a block, you don’t break your chain, but if you hit a block head on, your balls will break and you do have the option of shifting to a different block, but you have to be careful of that because the destruction starts over. For example, if you have a chain that has 15 balls in it and you hit a block for 20, you are going to lose a few balls before you react to shift it to a different block. If you move your chain to the block next to the 20, but the new block has 15 on it, you won’t have enough balls to survive.

Balls vs Blocks Endless Scrolling Game REVIEW Balls vs Blocks Endless Scrolling Game REVIEW

While this is a highly addictive game there are a few things I’d love to see changed about it. First, it’s ad-driven. There are ads all over it. You do have the option to upgrade to a no-ad version, but if you can tolerate them, then it’s worth not upgrading because the game is fully functional – just covered in ads. Second, there is no sound. I would love to have a catchy music track added in. The plus side is that you can be listening to your own music through Music or a streaming service like Pandora or Spotify. This can sometimes be just as fun as a pre-made soundtrack, but some music and sound effects would really spice up the gameplay.

Other than that, I don’t have any big complaints. It’s a fun little game app and it’s great to keep yourself occupied when you are killing time.

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