Bai Board creates a free, interactive white board for sharing ideas.

In my line of work, I do a lot of creative brainstorming with colleagues. Many times, these colleagues are not located in the same building, or even city, as I am. Usually, we simply have a conference call or exchange emails. But, it would be great to be more interactive. This is where Bai Board HD comes into play.

Bai Board HD create interactive white boards that can be drawn on, written on or even used to annotate on PDFs. The best part is that it’s free and available for both iOS devices and Mac OS. It works by allowing users to create a board and invite users to join it via online access. The users simply need to input the board number and passcode or visit the URL shared by the creator.

Bai Board - screenshotWhen I first heard about the set of apps, I was intrigued for the business potential it presented. I immediately downloaded it for my iPad and then for my MacBook Pro. I wanted to test out the interactivity of the app so I created a board on my MacBook Pro and set a passcode for it. Then, I opened the iPad version of the app and joined the board by typing in the board number. The PDF I had on the original board appeared on the iPad and any annotation or drawing I did on the original board joined the PDF within a few moments of drawing them on the original board. The process works in reverse as well. I made some changes to the PDF on the iPad and those were transferred to the MacBook Pro screen in the same fashion.

This application will come in very handy for me. The only downside to this process is that it will only work with those who have the app.

The files that are currently accepted are PDFs and image files such as JPGs and PNGs. I would like to see Bai Board HD include additional file formats like word processor documents and spreadsheets. Even though most office based programs include an option to export files out as PDFs, it would be nice to be able to import them in their native form.

I recommend this app to anyone who collaborates for a living.