The AVIVO Rail Carbonate provides style and protection for your iPhone.

Last week, we introduced AVIVO products to the MacSources audience. This week, we are happy to bring you a review of the AVIVO smartphone case, Rail Carbonate.


AVIVO prides itself on providing protective cases for consumers that have high style and flare. The cases are engineered to give advanced impact protection while maintaining sleek elegance. The Rail Collection of cases are designed to be interchangeable and allow users to customize their complementary looks as they wish. The Rail Collection is also designed to be the perfect compliment to the iPhone 5 and 5S.

The Rail Carbonate is the introductory piece to the Rail Collection. The premiere case, the Rail Aluminum, is precision made from 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum. The two styles are the same in size and function, but different in product material. The Rail Carbonate features a soft touch coating for comfort and has CNC-machined copper-finished buttons to add additional appeal.


I have an iPhone 5 and have had a very basic polycarbonate/rubber edged case on my phone since I first purchased it. I’ve always been concerned with a phone sliding out of my hand and the rubber edges cause enough friction to keep the phone secure in my hand. Even though the case I currently have on it isn’t very big or bulky, the Rail Carbonate put it to shame size-wize. The Rail Carbonate comes in three parts – the inner frame, the jacket and the Rail. The inner frame is only meant to be used with the Rail as the exterior while the jacket can be used with or without the Rail. The first combination I tried was the inner frame/Rail. It added very little weight and made it easier to hold than a phone with no case. The smooth finish of the Rail did make it feel like it could slip from my hand easier than my rubber-sided case.

avivo-railcarbonate-3Because I want the back of my phone protected as well, I tested the jacket next. Again, the jacket did not add much weight to the phone at all. It felt more secure in my hand than a phone with no case, but still not quite as secure as my basic one. The jacket does cover the back and sides well, but the top and bottom of the phone are exposed to the elements quite a bit. Because of this, I decided to add the Rail.

Upon adding the rail, I was surprised at how the phone actually felt smaller in my hand. The case adds virtually no weight and wraps so tightly to the phone that the natural shape of the iPhone rings true. I tested this case for several days before writing this review. I carried my phone loose within my purse, in my pocket with keys and change and even accidentally dropped it once. The case successfully protected my iPhone and the case and sustained very little wear and tear itself.

avivo-railcarbonate-4Overall, I was impressed with the Rail Carbonate. The only complaint I have about it is that because of its tight fit, it is difficult to snap on and take off the phone.

If you are looking for a well-designed, tough case for your iPhone 5 or 5S, check out the AVIVO line of products.

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Rail Carbonate MSRP $49.00