The Portable bluetooth speaker you can wear

This speaker serves two functions that at first didn’t click to me how useful it actually is.  The Avido SelfieSpeaker is a very small bluetooth speaker that is made to be paired with iPhones.  The reason why it is iPhone only is that its “selfie” feature makes it possible to be able to take pictures without holding your iPhone.  I realized how nice it is to use while cleaning in my townhouse because I walk up and downstairs.  Listening to podcasts isn’t very enjoyable if I miss parts of it by walking away from a speaker.  Also being somewhere and asking someone to take your picture of you and friends, you would be able to set the phone up and just hit a button and your iPhone can snap the picture.  Two problems are solved with this little speaker.

The packaging lists the features of the speaker and makes note that it’s compatible with iOS 7 and up.  Included with the speaker was a micro USB cable for charging and a thin white lanyard.  I liked how simple the instructions are for this, making it user friendly.  The speaker itself is oval shaped and the size of an egg height.  It’s really lightweight so it won’t be uncomfortable wearing around your neck.

Avido SelfieSpeaker for iPhone Review

Getting the speaker set up was very simple.  When you turn on the speaker, it is already set to pair and all I had to do was click its name on my iPhone 6 Plus.  The speaker’s blue LED lights lit up making it a fun little extra.  It also has 6 different light modes to play with.  The sound this little speaker his is impressive for it’s small size. The idea is to wear it and at full volume I can have it sitting over across the room and hear it at a nice level.  As far as clarity and quality goes listening to music, it’s decent, which I would expect given it’s size.  I’m extremely pleased with the quality listening to podcasts.

This would be great for someone who works that doesn’t want to wear headphones or someone like me who runs all over their house.  I tested out the bluetooth range and I am able to walk away the 10 meter distance it says it has without change in quality.  Thinking about it though I usually keep my iPhone 6 Plus on me, so I rarely would get far away from my phone anyway.  Also, while doing things on the move you can take phone calls and use the hand free option.  Calls were clear and did not drop while testing it out.

Avido SelfieSpeaker for iPhone Review

Lastly, the reason it has selfie in the name is the fact it has a button that once you have you’re iPhone camera on you can snap a picture.  It doesn’t open the camera function so you have to turn it on for it to take the picture.  This means you are not at risk for taking unwanted pictures, it will turn up the volume though.  It works well and doesn’t have a delay in taking the pictures.

This is a fun little speaker that serves multiple functions.  I think the aim of this speaker is to be a party device but I like it for the simplistic reasons.  That being said, I think anyone would like this and enjoy it.

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