I love the Automatic Call Recorder app by Appliqato. There is a free version and a $6.99 pro version of this app, but I am going to review the free version.

Automatic Call Recorder Android App ReviewAutomatic Call Recorder does just what it says – it will automatically record every outgoing and incoming call from your cell phone, or you can limit it to just the contacts you select. Why would anyone need this? The reasons are endless. Maybe you want to review what was said on an important business call. Maybe you are looking to protect yourself in a case of ‘he said, she said.’ Whatever the reason, this app functions very well and no one, but you knows the call is being recorded.

To set it up, select your theme, set up your cloud share either with Dropbox or Google Drive and then you are ready to start. I suggest you go into settings and configure what calls you want to record, the default is for it to record everything. After that it will automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls that you have predetermined. After you make or receive a call, you have 8 second count down pop up window to decide to save or delete the call. If you do nothing, the call will be saved in your inbox and you can delete it later, listen to it, or save it permanently to your cloud storage.

Automatic Call Recorder Android App Review 4You can listen to past calls through the app by clicking on them, or you can listen to them on your cloud storage if you have saved them. You can even make notations for each call to remind you of the content.

This app will record calls of any duration too. I have recorded business conference calls that lasted over an hour without issue, and I was able to go back and review the call in its entirety. This app has been an invaluable tool for me. I’ve used it for many months and have not had a single issue with its performance.   It is a very simple app that actually does what it says.

For more information, visit http://appstarsolutions.blogspot.com.


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