Auto Memory Cleaner frees up your memory on autopilot.

automemorycleaner-1Here on, we have discussed the importance of cleaning your computer’s memory from time to time. When your computer starts to lag or act a little slower than usual, cleaning up your memory is usually the first thing you want to check. There are many ways to do this, but quite possibly the easiest method is to simply open Terminal and use the ‘purge’ command. This allows you to free up computer memory that isn’t being used without tying up additional memory with an application that does the same action. That being said, we have come across a new app that cleans your memory automatically.

automemorycleaner-2Auto Memory Cleaner is a free app available in the Mac App Store. The memory cleaning app has a unique feature that allows the user to turn on ‘autopilot’ mode. Autopilot Mode makes decisions for the user based off of their hardware specs and determines when to clean up the memory automatically. Users can also set thresholds for the app to use.

Auto Memory Cleaner lives in the menu bar as a utility icon. I did some tests to determine how well Auto Memory Cleaner fared against the Purge Command in Terminal and it was pretty even. Even though you end up sacrificing a little bit of memory in running the app, the auto function is worth having.