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Author: Robyn


Personal privacy and identity security are big concerns on the internet these days. Users are...

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Stay Safe

For those of you living in the midwest, I hope this post finds you safe and sound tonight. As most...

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Review: Oink

Are you the ‘check-in’ type of social networker? If so, you might enjoy Oink. Oink is...

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Review: Walmart, the App

Everyone is familiar with the superstore giant, Walmart. Founded in 1962 and incorporated in 1969, Walmart’s revenue for 2010 was over $419 billion. Consumers across the United States and Canada make weekly visits to the...

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Redbox Rentals

I am a Netflix junky. I was an early adopter of the service and have been a loyal customer since...

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Retail Favs Pt 1: Target

Target tops the iOS apps for retail. These days, the retail world is much more than window dressings and early bird specials.  It’s cyber.  It’s global. It’s mobile. Many retail chains have jumped on the mobile...

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Have you tried it yet? For the past several months I have been using a free service called...

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