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Author: Robyn

Retail Favs Pt 1: Target

Target tops the iOS apps for retail. These days, the retail world is much more than window dressings and early bird specials.  It’s cyber.  It’s global. It’s mobile. Many retail chains have jumped on the mobile...

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Have you tried it yet? For the past several months I have been using a free service called...

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Camping out for the iPad 2

So here we are Nick and Kevin of nccsites camping out or more like camping in walmart. We claimed our spot this morning around 9am. In other cities there are pretty big lines starting to build up. Luckily we are the only 2 here...

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iPhone 4g…..coming soon!

If you haven’t already heard, an Apple employee lost a prototype for the 4th generation iphone while drinking at a California bar. Allegedly Gizmodo purchased it from whoever stole the prototype for $5,000. When Apple...

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Save money using your iphone

1. Save money by finding the cheapest gas nearby with GasBuddy .99 cents in the Appstore. 2. Save from $5-$15 a month by taking texting off your plan and using Textfree! You can send up to 15 per day with the free version and...

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