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UI/UX Designer & Developer for the Web. I also love macs. Los Angeles, CA ·

Frustrated trying to find the best iPad/tablet stand in the sea of options we have today? Well then, dear reader, let me tell you about the UpStand by Just Mobile. The UpStand is an easel-style tablet stand, made for the iPad, but can support just about anything you throw at it. Yes, not just any tablet, anyTHING. The UpStand is made of solid aluminum, with a large, round base that gives it a secure footing to hold a lot of weight. So much so that I decided to really test it; it held an iPad 3, MacBook Pro, heavy books,…

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You have probably heard snippets and sound bites about this Raspberry Pi thing, but are still unclear as to exactly what it is, what it’s for, and more importantly, who it’s for. So I thought it appropriate on this Pi Day (get it? 3/14) to take a look at one of the more important Pi’s today: the Raspberry Pi. What is it? The Raspberry Pi is an ARM GBU/Linux-based computer starting at $25. What does that mean? It’s a tiny credit card-sized computer, running a Linux-based operating system (usually Raspian, but can load others) on a microprocessor similar to ones used…

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