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I am a father of 4, a full-time physician, movie-fan, BSA Scout Parent, part-time gamer, and I have a touch of the prepper. With my love of science and tech, my main goal is to ensure I get the best product and price. My kids and I love games on our Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Meta Quest 2, iPad Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Tenikle 360º Octopus Suction Mount

Enjoy the lightweight, Y-shaped, bendable, malleable, suction-cup-enabled phone mount from Tenikle. If you can bend it, shape it, and attach at least two suction cups to it, you can likely mount your phone to it. Pair sturdy, reliable suction with a nearly endless level of adjustability.

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UGREEN upgrades users to a premium cable without breaking the bank. As more devices adopt the USB-C standard, I look for third-party brands that I can trust. I have previously utilized an MFI UGREEN USB-C to Lightning cable and found reliable construction, fast charging, and an inexpensive price tag. As I looked to fill my USB-C needs, I knew that UGREEN would have an option that satisfied the charging needs. The UGREEN Smart Digital Life USB-C to USB-C cable arrived in a 5 1/4 inches wide by 7 1/2 inches zipper-style hanging bag. The hunter green UGREEN title was displayed…

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