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Author: Jon Walters

Choetech Dual USB Car Charger Review

As far as I can remember, I have had a car charger in my vehicle. These were often ugly and large. Some of you may even remember back when cords were curly and you wrapped your fingers around the cords during conversations. These have been replaced with USB car chargers, which are smaller and less of an eyesore.

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RUBAN MicroSaver Kensington Security Lock Review

The battle between lock and lock pick has been waged as long as one person has had something that another wanted. As a person who has been through 13 years of secondary education, I can tell you that tech and more importantly well-kept and safe tech are an important part of an academic world. Just get that new HP or that new Lenovo? Do you live in a place with roommates or high traffic flow or a dorm or a fraternity house perhaps? If you answered yes to any of these then you may want to consider a theft deterrent system. The key word here is deterrent.

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How-To: Shake Undo

This tip will show you how to quickly undo unnecessary typing when autocorrect takes over or when you just don’t have the necessary dexterity to complete your thoughts. It’s as easy as shaking your phone.

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How-To: iOS Device Timer Parent Mode Hack

In my family, we have a love of old and new technology. My boys ages 6 and 4 (6 month old daughter, too) get to play with tech regularly. They regularly watch movies, play games, watch TV cartoons or YouTube videos (surprise egg videos are their thing right now) on my iPad 2 or iPad Air 2.

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How-To: Delete Multiple Photos in iOS 9

It is a blessing and a frustration that each iOS update brings new changes to known apps. The camera app is no different. Am I alone in filling up my device with images and videos? I suspect if you are reading this article, this is not unusual. So many images, so little space.

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