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I am a father of 4, a full-time physician, movie-fan, Cub Scout Leader, part-time gamer and I have a touch of the prepper. I absolutely love science and tech. My goal is to ensure I get the best product and price. My kids and I love games on our Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Oculus Quest, Pokemon GO and anything superhero.

Catalyst Influence iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

Buy from amazon Catalyst provides rugged protection without the bulk! As the prices of iPhones edge further into the obscene, the consequences of a drop, tumble, spill, ding, screen crack, etc. increase. Even with Apple Care+ coverage, I dare not tempt fate by carrying my phone sans case with four young kids, an energetic dog, and for the D&D fans, for the chance of rolling a Nat 1 that day. Despite the hype of releasing new Apple tech each September, I think I enjoy the second round of excitement when I get to review/explore new tech from trusted manufacturers. I…

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Atuvos BluetoothTracker oct 2022 001

buy from amazon A Bluetooth Tracker like an AirTag but cheaper. I know I am not alone in wondering how people survived before smartphones. As a Xennial, born into an Analog world, I had the luxury of growing up alongside the tech revolution. I can remember maps, lost keys, books, and filling time with one’s imagination. My children have asked how people used to navigate. How did they pass the time? I have stated several times that people survived just fine without the tech. However, this does not mean that technology has not solved problems and made life much easier.…

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