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I am a father of 4, a full-time physician, movie-fan, BSA Scout Parent, part-time gamer, and I have a touch of the prepper. With my love of science and tech, my main goal is to ensure I get the best product and price. My kids and I love games on our Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Meta Quest 2, iPad Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

tribit stormboxflowspeaker march 20224 001

Bring the beats, be the party with this portable speaker. The TRIBIT StormBox Flow arrived in a vibrant black/yellow 8 11/16 inches long by 4 1/2 inches wide by 2 1/4 inches tall retail package.  The cover panel had an upper dark grey segment with a yellow product/company name and a grey Portable Wireless Speaker detail.  The lower yellow segment listed three grey-colored product features detailing the up to 30-hour playback, 25W Superior sound, and the speaker’s IP67 dust/waterproof nature.  The main focal point was the large, obliquely angled, raised-glossy image of the Tribit speaker.  The image showcased the front…

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Nomad 130W GaN Charger

Powerful Triple Port USB-C GaN charger It is funny to think that a few outlets in our homes provide most of the power to our devices, while others may go unused for long periods. According to a Statista report, the average household had 10 connected devices in 2020, from mobile phones to computers, smart TVs/watches/speakers, tablets, VR devices, and others. This did not consider every “powered” item, but it was a reasonable estimate for power needs. Many of us have needed extra space for just one more device, and then begrudgingly played Power Cord Tetris. Beyond surge protectors and power…

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UGREEN NexodePro100W Dec 2023 001

Charger with power enough for a Mac, petite enough for a pocket. According to, online consumers spent ~$9.8 billion during the 2023 Black Friday season, representing an estimated 8% increase from the prior year’s spending. If you ponder the $38 billion spent by 200.4 million shoppers between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday (, it may not be much of a shock to realize that the tech sector dominated a large portion of the sales. Interestingly, as of 2021, the average U.S. household had 22 connected devices, according to a Deloitte survey. With so many tech devices requiring power, wall charging…

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UGREEN RG 65W Nexode Charger

Dual USB-C, Single Port USB-A Robot-shaped charger. Remove the magnetic feet, insert the device into a wall outlet and plug up your gear. Enjoy short circuit, overload, temperature, and overvoltage protection from a pocketable device. Utilize the power of GaN technology to keep your tech ever ready.

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