Roku Remote Holder Review

The TotalMount Roku Remote Holder is a nice accessory for those looking for a way to help keep clutter out of their lives. It is a simple, well molded, caddy for your Roku remote.


Sabrent USB External Stereo Adapter Review

I’m taking a look at the Sabrent USB External Stereo Adapter. My first impression of this product was, “what is this for?” The back of the package mentions using it to connect “PC” style headsets to your Mac. I could see how that might be useful if you have a very old style headset that has separate 1/8″ audio plugs for headphone and microphone.

JOTO Wheel Series Dual-Port USB Car Charger Review

I just got my hands on a wonderful USB car charger. You might think that in this day and age all car chargers are created equal, but this unit seems to disprove that idea. The JOTO Wheel Series Dual-Port USB Car Charger first struck me with its unique styling. Designed to look like and feel a car tire, the rubberized feel gives it a uniquely easy-to-grip quality.

Montar Universal Car Mount Review

Montar Universal Car Mount Review

 Montar Universal Car Mount Review: A universal car mount with an exceptionally strong grip. The Winnergear Montar universal car mount is a wonderful accessory for your vehicle. I’m sure most people, myself included, have owned numerous toys and devices that...
NomadKey for Pebble Review

NomadKey for Pebble Review

NomadKey for Pebble: Review Exceeds expectations as an ideal charging solution for the Pebble smart watch. When I first heard about the NomadKey for the original Pebble smartwatch, I was skeptical of its utility. Unlike a lot of the electronic gadgets I own, the...

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