Ausdom S-M07 Wireless Headphones are enjoyable for listening to all types of audio.

I like to listen to music when I work. Unfortunately, not everyone around me wants to hear my choice of music so a good set of headphones is essential to everyone’s productivity. I found quite some time ago, that I prefer on-the-ear, wireless headphones to other styles. To me, this type of headphone pushes better sound quality and volume over other headphones. To me, the biggest difference between on-the-ear and over-the-ear headphones is noise cancellation. I prefer to hear some ambient noise because I don’t like people sneaking up on me. The Ausdom S-M07 Wireless Headphones are a great option for general, everyday use.

Ausdom S-M07 Wireless Headphones Review

The Ausdom S-M07 Wireless Headphones are lightweight and comfortable. They have an ultra lightweight frame and soft ear cushions that breathe well. The headphones come with a Micro USB charging cable and an auxiliary cable for you to plug into audio jacks. You can actually use these headphones as wireless or wired. The headphones also have a built-in microphone and allow answering phone calls or using other microphone features like Dictation.

The headphones utilize Bluetooth 4.0 technology and work up to 30-feet from your phone or other Bluetooth device. The item description boasts an impressive 8 hours of playtime for continuous listening. I actually left the headphones on for a couple of hours and when I picked them back up, the battery level hadn’t diminished much at all.

Ausdom S-M07 Wireless Headphones Review

When I first put these headphones on, I was completely surprised by the level of comfort I experienced. I wore them for about an hour without interruption and didn’t find them to be uncomfortable at all. I love that they fold up for portability and the sound quality is top notch. I have another set of headphones that I was using as my primary set before the Ausdom S-M07 crossed my desk. They are considered  premium headphones and are much more expensive than the Ausdom pair. I have to say that with the exception of my ears getting a little warm, that all aspects of the Ausdom S-M07 headphones are comparable to the premium  set that I have.

Ausdom S-M07 Wireless Headphones Review

This is a very nice set of headphones that are great for standard use. I wish that they came with some sort of carrying pouch to keep the cables with the headphones, but am generally happy with the product.

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