Bluetooth headphones that you can use even when the battery is dead.

AUSDOM M08 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones ReviewSometimes I find myself grabbing a set of bluetooth headphones only to find out that I have ran out the battery.  It’s kind of disappointing and inconvenient to have to wait to charge them up especially if you need them right away. The Ausdom M08 wireless and wired bluetooth headphones are a great pair of headphones that can be used even if the bluetooth battery is completely depleted. However, with a battery life of 25 hours, I don’t see that happening very often.

The packaging the Ausdom M08 headphones came in has a very nice and clean design. It has what the headphones look like in shiny silver, with the color of the headphones marked on the side.  It also has a list of features on the front.  Out of the box the headphones are thin as promised on the box.  The black and red color placement make these headphones look trendy.  The ear pads are not bulky, yet they are still comfortable on the ears.  Also packaged with the headset are the USB cable and a 3.5mm audio cable.

I charged the two hours as recommended in the instructions.  Pairing the headphones was very simple and went quickly.  There is a female voice that acts as a guide to let you know when the headphones are turned on and pairing.  I paired it with my Macbook Pro and it was almost instant.  I decided to turn on music to test the sound quality.  The sound quality is very nice and clear.  One of it’s strong points is the high frequency sounds.  The M08 headphones don’t have any piercing noise or start to distort.  The bass sounded really good on this headset even though there is no extra bass features.

AUSDOM M08 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

My favorite part about these headphones is the fact that even if the battery dies you are still covered with the audio cable.  With the headphones off they work with the same quality as it does when charged and turned on.  Also for portability the headphones can be folded inward to give you more room to stick them in a bag.  The plastic that these are made out of isn’t the highest quality, but I feel if you are easy on you’re devices that they will hold up nicely.

AUSDOM M08 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

These headphones are very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.  I used them while watching Netflix and I didn’t have any issues of discomfort.  With the Netflix going I was again impressed with the sound quality because it didn’t make any of the noise sound harsh and I could hear a lot of the lower sounding background noise which immersed myself into the show I was watching.  During my show I received a phone call and I used the mic and call answering feature.  The call was clear and the person I was speaking to didn’t have any issues hearing me.

Overall I’d say the Ausdom M08 wireless/wired bluetooth headphones are a fantastic pair of headphones and are generously priced.

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