Aurora HDR Mac App is a simply amazing quality while being easy to use.

We all want the best picture possible. When we are trying to capture that special moment in time, we want a perfect depiction of it. Sometimes the light just isn’t right, and the picture is ruined. Fortunately, high dynamic range (HDR) photography can provide you with the best option available. HDR photos have a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital imaging. It’s made possible when several photos of the same shot can be compiled together and analyzed for the best exposure range. This is a particularly useful tool for professional photographers who fire off a large succession of photos in the same setting. If you have the right editing tool, you can quickly and easily edit photos to ensure you have the best possible product. iPhones have had this as an automatic function since the 5s. But, what if you don’t have an iPhone, or you have a lot of photos from a DSLR that you need to analyze? Aurora HDR is a Mac App that gives you that option.

Aurora HDR Mac App Review

Aurora HDR is a full-featured HDR photo editor. It’s got a wonderfully advanced, intuitive interface that is ready to start using right out of the box. The app provides a complete set of HDR tools including auto alignment and automatic deghosting technology. There are a lot of 1-click presets set up in the app and so that you have fast, powerful results for creating HDR photos. Aurora HDR comes equipped with standard photo editing tools as well. Custom textures, layers, brushes, image radiance, structure and detail controls, vignette and vivid colors are just some of the tools available. Aurora HDR can support JPG, TIFF, PNG file types and, if you have the pro version (available on MacPhun’s website), you can open raw photo files.

Aurora HDR Mac App Review

The beauty of Aurora HDR is that you can use multiple images or just a single one to bring out the moment’s inner glow. In testing out the app, I used a photograph that was taken in bright sunlight in the mid-afternoon. The amazing this about this photo was that I already thought it had bright, vibrant coloring. You can see from the image above that the after is dramatically different from the before. I simply walked through some of the presets to create the image above, but there is a myriad of settings you can use to tweak images you are editing. One thing I did notice is a bit of lag when skipping through presets. I believe this is indicative of the computer/app processing the image for viewing. Be patient and let the app do its thing.

In addition to being a stand alone app, Aurora HDR is also available as a plug-in for other editing apps such as Lightroom and as of the most recent update, users can now use Aurora HDR as Photos extensions. This can dramatically cut down editing time because you can do it all in one app rather than bouncing back and forth.

Aurora HDR Mac App Review Aurora HDR Mac App Review

Editing and creating HDR photos can be somewhat difficult. In fact, HDR photos have been a pain in my side ever since I started messing with the back in my Photoshop days. When iOS started offering the option to shoot in HDR, I would always end up with un-focused images. It was maddening as I wanted to take and manipulate the best photos I could. Mac App, Aurora HDR from Macphun, gives me the ability to transform non HDR photos into stunning images with its amazing features.

Macphun is a company I’ve been interested in for years. They create easy to use software for iOS and OS X and they give average users and professional users the ability to make amazing images even better. If you want to see your photo’s true potential, give Aurora HDR a try.

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