Affordable smart lamp that provides ambient colored light.

I am a big fan of smart home technology and LED lighting. I like it so much that when I recently redesigned my office, I made sure to incorporate as much smart lighting as possible. I have LED strips, panels, and bulbs throughout the room to create ambient lighting that matches my moods. The only piece that was really missing was a unique lamp for my desk. I wanted something that would create similar soft lighting to the other smart lights in the room and I wanted something that looked different. This is when I found the AUKEY Smart Table Lamp.


The AUKEY Smart Table Lamp is an RGB LED lamp that can be controlled through a mobile app or through voice control with Alexa or Google Home. In addition to the smart controls, the lamp also has a touch-sensitive top that allows you to turn the lamp on and off and cycle through the color choices. There are eight scene lights – four fixed lights and four adjustable ones. The lamp features adjustable color-temperature settings and a wide choice of colors. You can adjust the brightness on it, select a timer for it, and program color sequences through the app. The lamp is compatible with AUKEY Home, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. There are two versions of this lamp – WiFi and Basic. The basic version only works through touch controls while the WiFi version can communicate through the AUKEY app or the smart assistants. The lamp is made out of plastic and is powered by a standard AC/DC plug.


The unboxing of the lamp was pretty straightforward. The contents of the box included the smart lamp (AUKEY LT-T7), the power adapter, and the user manual. Most of the time when I see an AUKEY product box I end up being underwhelmed. The boxes are usually rather plain. Fortunately, to my surprise, AUKEY really changed that with the Smart Table Lamp. It came in a nice white box with the RedDot award logo on the top. A photo of the product and a small description was also included on the box.

What I liked right away was the lamp’s size. It’s not too tall or too wide. I needed the lamp to fit on my desk and give off a nice glow, but I didn’t want it to invade the desk space. The colored LED light was just what I wanted. It’s soft, but still bright enough to help you see through the room at night. Since the light is ‘smart’ and able to connect to smart assistants, I was looking forward to being able to set the light up with automation so that I could control it with voice prompts.

After setting it up and using it as a standard lamp for a while, I was ready to add the lamp to my office automation. The process for this is a little convoluted in my opinion. I’ve been working with smart home devices for several years and even though I utilize Amazon Alexa, my primary smart home assistant is Apple’s HomeKit/Siri. With HomeKit, you typically just add a device in the Home app on your iPhone by scanning or entering a code. With Alexa, you have to bounce back and forth between apps and you have to add Skills and log in with user information for many of them just to connect to a smart device. Even though the process is longer I was able to get the AUKEY lamp connected through the Alexa app. Once it was connected, I was able to control the light – turning it on and off and changing colors – by asking Alexa to do it.


Even though the lamp isn’t as smart as some other home automated devices, the AUKEY Smart Lamp still works well once it’s conencted. I love the design of it and the soft light it provides. It’s a nice lamp that fits right in with the rest of my smart devices.

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