A functional device with some minor design flaws.

Aukey Bluetooth Car Kit Audio Adapter Review 2My 2008 RAV4 has a lot of modern conveniences, but it was unfortunately made prior to the Bluetooth revolution. As such, I am forced to look into different devices to equip my car for hands-free use of my mobile phone. I have some FM transmitters that work well for music, but not for talking on the phone. This Bluetooth Car Kit Audio Adapter from Aukey has a built-in mic and is intended as a solution for those of us who do not have a Bluetooth speakerphone built into our cars.

Out of the box, the Car Kit is pretty simple it has one main piece, which includes the remote controls along with the microphone itself, and the USB car charger. The main body has two cables coming out of it – one 3.5mm stereo cable and the other is a USB cable for power. The main body has an adhesive backing and can be placed anywhere in your car. After you have selected a place to install the main body, you then plug the stereo cable into your auxiliary port in your car and then plug the USB cable into the car charger that was provided.

In testing out the speakerphone/microphone feature of the Car Kit, I found that people on the other end of the phone had trouble hearing me. The incoming audio played fine through my car’s speakers, but I ended up having to pick up my phone and disconnect it from the Car Kit in order to be able to finish the phone call. Again, others may not have this same issue as every car environment is different. This was just my experience.

Aukey Bluetooth Car Kit Audio Adapter Review 3The Aukey Car Kit not only allows you to turn your car into a speakerphone, but it also acts as a pass through for your phone to the car’s speakers. For the most part, this worked well, the only ‘issue’ I had was that I ended up receiving some feedback, or RF noise, through the speakers since the Car Kit is plugged into power the same time as being plugged into the AUX port. Some people don’t experience this problem so use your own discretion based on other devices you use in your vehicle.

The Aukey Car Kit is really a nice concept for bridging the gap between Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth capable vehicles. This device, I feel, falls just a bit short because of my experience with the RF noise and because of the lengthy cables that end up being draped across the middle of your car. The device does work, but has some flaws that I believe could be improved in future versions.

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