Standing lamp with flexible gooseneck provides suitable light for a working environment.

Several years ago, I worked as a video editor. I spent 8-10 hours a day staring at various computer and video monitors and as a result, I would suffer pretty severe eye strain. Since I couldn’t control how I was working, I took control over the environment in which I was working by modifying the lighting in my office. I added incandescent lighting devices (lamps) and ceased using the overhead fluorescent lighting fixtures. This change, however small, really made a huge difference in how I was working and actually made me more productive as a result. Since that time, I’ve not had good luck with my office lighting and I’ve not been able to modify my work environment so I’ve been stuck with flat, fluroescent lighting.

AUKEY Adjustable LED Floor Lamp REVIEW

Over the past couple of months I’ve been trying to supplement my fluroscent lights with some small LED desk lamps. for the most part, it’s been helpful, but not enough light to abandon the overheads. THis week, I added an adjustable LED Floor Lamp from AUKEY and I was finally able to flip those overheads off.

The lamp ships in a fairly nondescript cardboard box. The brand name and the product name are included on the box, but not much else. Inside the outer carton, you will find the pieces of the lamp wrapped in cardboard and plastic. If you’ve ever assembled a floor lamp from Walmart or Target, this operates in a very similar manner. The power cable pulls through the base of the lamp and all the joints then come together and screw into each other. The same is true of this lamp.

AUKEY Adjustable LED Floor Lamp REVIEW

The neck of the lamp is a gooseneck style and very flexible. The lamp stands just over 5 feet tall, which is the ideal height for a reading lamp or in my case, an office lamp. The base has a decent weight to it and it comes together quite easily. Inside the lamp are 30 LED bulbs that only use 6.5 watts of power to generate 350 lumens of light. That is the equivalent to a standard 40W incandecent bulb. One of the features of this lamp that I really like is the adjustable power knob. Instead of just having an on/off switch, there is a knob on the body of the lamp that controls the power. You can turn it on and off with a simple tap or adjust the brightness level by turning in it. I really like this option because it gives me the freedom to have the lighting in my office exactly how I want it.

AUKEY Adjustable LED Floor Lamp REVIEW

There have been a lot of health problems linked to fluorescent lighting in office environments including:

  • Migraines
  • Eye strain
  • Problems sleeping, due to melatonin suppression
  • Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder or depression
  • Endocrine disruption and poor immune systems
  • Female hormonal/menstrual cycle disruption
  • Increases in breast cancer rates and tumor formation
  • Stress/Anxiety, due to cortisol suppression
  • Sexual development/maturation disruption
  • Obesity
  • Agoraphobia (anxiety disorder)

AUKEY Adjustable LED Floor Lamp REVIEW

One of the biggest issues with fluorescent lighting is that they flicker, which can also lead to headaches, eye strain, and stress/anxiety. With this in mind it’s important to try and combat the root cause of the health problems and in this case, it’s the lighting, which can be changed. I can say that in the few days I’ve been using this LED light in place of my overhead fluorescent lights, I’ve had far less eye strain than normal and I actually feel better rested at the end of the day because of it.

Overall, I would rate this lamp at a 5 out of 5 stars. It provides ample light for a small office and is very easy to put together. It definitely exceeds my expectations.

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