August Smart Lock is a great addition to any home.

macsrc_2014-Dec-21Home automation has become a passion of mine over the last two years. I’ve started integrating different products around my home to make everything controlled from my iPhone or my voice. It’s an amazing time to be alive. There are so many different products being created to make life simpler with a technology boom that will make your head spin. Today we are going to review one of those products that has just recently been released to the public – the August Smart Lock.

SmartLock5I first heard about the August Smart Lock when it was first announced over a year ago. Since then, I’ve been following its progress through development and anxiously awaiting its public release. August Smart Lock allows you to have a completely keyless entry to your home. Its encrypted locking technology is safer than keys, which can get lost and can easily be copied. August does not have the only smart locking technology in the market, but I like the way it handles how the owner controls who has access to the house better than some of the others. For example, one of its competitors only allows a certain number of ‘keys’ that can be sent out to visitors. August Smart Lock has an unlimited invites you can send to family, friends or anyone you want to have access to your home. The best part about this feature is that you can revoke an invitation as the owner at anytime. Once you do, that person can no longer unlock the Smart Lock with their app.

SmartLock2In addition to the unlimited nature of the invitations you can send out, the owner also has the ability to control how long an invitation is good for. You can automatically set it to be good for a couple of hours, a week or 24/7 when you issue the invitation. Plus, August Smart Lock has a log to let you know who’s entered and exited. I really enjoy knowing if I allow a friend to get in my house that I have control of how long they are able to use my August Smart Lock before their access is revoked. I no longer have to find time to come home and reset a door lock or have the locks rekeyed to prevent someone from entering.

SmartLock1August Smart Lock works with Bluetooth via your smart phone. August works independently from an internet connection. By using Bluetooth, you can reliably connect and sync to the August lock with ease. In fact, I’ve not had one time where I could not get into my home easily. I use the Auto-Unlock feature, which allows the Smart Lock to sense your approach through geo location. This makes it easy for me to come home and not fumble with keys or search for my phone while I have groceries or other items in my arms. August makes entering my home a joy.

SmartLock3In addition to that, August Smart Lock makes sure that I never again forget to lock up the house when leaving or going to bed for the night. The EverLock function will automatically locks your door behind you. Not only will it lock your door, but you can also set a timer. For example, I have EverLock set to lock the door after 4 minutes. This gives me peace of mind that my home is secure and safe.

SmartLock4August Smart Lock was one of the easiest devices I’ve ever installed. It takes less than 10 minutes and there is no wiring to worry about. August Smart Lock works with your current deadbolt and August includes two different mounting brackets and three different locking mechanism adapters so that you can be sure your August Smart Lock will fit. If you want to know if your lock is compatible, visit August Smart Locks Compatible Deadbolts.

SmartLock7August has great design with great software function. What I mean is when you look at the device it’s got a clean look – very sleek and the function just works. I’ve already mentioned some of the features from the iOS app, but I also want to point out that set-up is very easy. You simply download the app from the iTunes App Store and then log-in using your August user name and password. This system also allows you to log-in to the August system through website should you lose your phone.

SmartLock8Another neat feature of the iOS app is the Guestbook. Not only do you have the option to view people that have used your Smart Lock, but you can also send them notes, give instructions or comments through your August iOS app. It’s a very cool feature in my opinion because if you have a friend or family member that is coming to check on your house while you are out of town, you can send them notifications through the app and tell them to look out for a package or take the garbage cans to the street on certain days. It’s very convenient and a wonderful addition to the device’s greater system.

One thing I would like to see improved upon in the August Smart Lock system is developing the push notifications along with the user logging. I thought a push notification would be sent to my phone when someone locked or unlocked the door, but that has not happened yet. Other than that feature, I have been extremely happy with the functionality of this device.

SmartLock6If you can’t tell I’m a huge fan of home automation and August is a product I can’t recommend enough. It uses your current deadbolt and a free app download to make your home safe and secure. The device can be purchased for $249.99 and doesn’t require any additional subscription service or fees to own and operate. For more information, visit Download the August Smart Lock iOS app via the app store.

August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock