Portable jump starter has a lot of power in a small package

We’ve all been in this situation. You wake and get ready for work. You finish your coffee and head out the door. Getting in your car you don’t even notice that the door alarm doesn’t make a sound. You turn and the key and…..nothing. Your battery is dead. Yes, this is possibly one of the most inconvenient things that can happen when you have somewhere to be. More so when there is nobody around to give you a jump. This is no longer a problem.

The Audew Portable Jump Starter is just the life saver you need. This little 12-volt battery has 800 amps waiting to give you a jump whenever and wherever you need it. The beauty of this little guy is its portability. It comes in a case not much bigger than a CD case and smaller than most purses. You can fit it in a trunk, under a seat, or pretty much wherever you want to. This gives you peace of mind anywhere you go. I’ve not had time to put this to the test but the manufacturer claims the battery only needs to be recharged every six months but recommends it every three months to improve battery life. Plus, the recommended charging time is only 5 hours. That means that you’ll never have to worry about be stranded again.

Audew Portable Jump Starter REVIEW

Now that we know that this jump starter will keep you mobile, let’s talk about some of the other features it has. On top is a battery indicator that lets you know when its getting low. There is a LED flashlight built in for emergencies, and it’s not your typical “extra feature” flashlight. It’s actually a good light. There are two USB ports, both 2.1 amp, and 1 amp. Also, there are two 12 -16 volt DC outputs with a 15 amp capacity. This makes the Audew very handy for charging various devices on the go.

I was surprised with just how long and how much charging you can do with this battery. I brought my cell phone to a full charge three times. Then I powered a portable speaker and my phone at work the next day for 5 hours and the battery indicator never dipped below half. With a 16800mAH battery, using it for camping or traveling to power your devices or charge portable batteries is a breeze. Speaking of charging, the battery comes with an AC wall adapter (including adapters for charging outside the US) and a 12-volt car adapter so it can be charged wherever needed. Also inside the package, you’ll find a USB cord, a cigarette lighter adapter, and the jumper cable itself. All of which are in a padded case with pockets for the battery and all accessories.

Audew Portable Jump Starter REVIEW

Personally, I’ve only had a few dead batteries in my 36 years but looking back I realize that the Audew Portable Jump Starter would have been incredibly handy to have. When compared to other emergency jump starters it’s compact in size, versatile in uses, and not too hard on the pocketbook. Let’s face it, it’s just a good investment when you need it. If you’re looking for the peace of mind that you’ll never have to worry about your car, phone, or any other of your portable devices batteries being dead when you need them , I highly recommend this product.