I recently sold my iPhone 3gs as I plan on buying the new iPhone the day it comes out. The latest news floating around is that as of June 7th (Same day as Apples WWDC and likely the day the new iphone will be announced) AT&T will no longer offer unlimited data plans for $30 a month. The new plans are as follows:
$15 DataPlus 200MB per month
$25 DataPro 2gb per month
$20 Tethering with $25 DataPro plan
I was not very happy to hear about this but after spending 1/2 and hour on the phone with AT&T there is some hope. Apparently if you still have an iPhone with an active data plan before June 7th you will be grandfathered in and get to keep your $30 unlimited data plan. Although for me I already sold my iPhone 3gs so I would have money to buy the new iphone. The AT&T rep basically told me that my simcard has to be in an iphone to be able to put the unlimited data plan back on. Given my situation, im going to stick my simcard in my friends iPhone, call AT&T and turn the unlimited data plan back on before the 7th. So when I get my new iphone I will be good to go. So any of you that sold your iphone to get the new one I suggest doing the same if you want to keep the unlimited data plan. What does everyone think about the changes to the data plan and the addition of limited tethering?