accATT has really found away to stick it to their customers, The white feather case made by incipio costs 19.99 when you visit the makers of this cases website, It also comes with a screen protector cleaning cloth and choice of colors and free shipping. But when visiting ATT you find that they have jumped the price of this product up to 24.99 and have removed the cleaning cloth and screen protector, when asking ATT why they repack this item and remove the cleaning cloth and screen protector I was told if you want it all together then order it from incipio That really pissed me off not only did my local store not answer the phone today when I called but I get really crapy service.

Now don’t post some dumb comment below about how the people in the store may have been busy when I called, See I thought that as well so when I drove to the ATT store I tried calling them from the parking lot, thats when I seen no one in the store even try to take the call. So I decided to walk in with my phone to my ear and got more of a response then I did the whole 5 minutes while the phone rang.

What’s the worst is this ATT store was new it had only been open for 2 days the workers at this store acted like real dick heads and its really going to be shocking if they stay open with that sort of attitude.

This is a great case I think anyone who buys it will be happy with it for quite some time.