AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen

AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen Review

CES 2016 was the venue for all things tech. From   computers, to automotive, to music, to accessories, to VR, to wearables both health and fitness, a wide field of tech was demonstrated. One of the areas that was also touched upon was children’s technology. While wandering around the Sands Expo at the Venetian, I was introduced to a booth with artists drawing with resin polymer and making 3D objects. I was immediately interested in this product, as I had previously seen and tried a chocolate drawing pen. My previous experiences were jaded based on the chocolate pen as it tasted weird and just did not seem to work. I had not seen other 3D drawing pens and only had some exposure to 3D printers. Atmosflare truly seemed unique.

I struck up a conversation with Desiree Rosa, Assistant Account Executive Freeman Public Relations. She told me about the Atmosflare3D Drawing Pen. This device is currently available through and through The pen uses a cool gel resin that solidifies when LED light is shone upon it. The resin washes off easily with soap and water, if on the skin. If this drips onto surfaces or carpet, shine the light on it then peel it away. However, if you get the gel on your skin, do not turn the light on it to harden, because this does get hot and hurts. Yes, I tested this before I let my children play with the device. This does cause an exothermic reaction (releases heat), it does get hot enough to cause a withdrawal effect form the source. It is true, the pen does not get hot, nor does it have a heating element. The plastic absorbs the light, releases heat and hardens.

AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen Review
AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen ReviewMy children, 6 yr old Daniel and 4 yr old Samuel, absolutely love this product. Although the packaging instructs that this is for children aged 14+, anyone can likely use this (with appropriate supervision). Like I stated above, the plastic does get hot, especially if you are holding it when the light is applied. Do not do this. We started slow. There is a learning curve to the pen. It works best to start with a base of resin on a piece of wax paper and then to turn the light on and draw in a slow vertical manner. Once you get better, you can do angles, more detailed and intricate work. Realistically, we are at the making a coral reef stage. This involves a bunch of vertical lines and a few lines jutting out. I tried to make a roller skate, it did not turn out too bad. This is nowhere near the complexity of the plastic sculptures created by the hired artists at CES.

AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen ReviewWhen you purchase this device ( or you get 1 pen, 1 AA battery, 2 ink cartridges (Blue and Red), and easy change tips. The MSRP is $40.00 but you can currently get this for $29.99 from the listed sites. You can purchase extra colors through website for $5.99 each. At present a multi-colorWe played with the pen for a couple of hours and still have about half of our ink left by weight/feel. The kids enjoyed this and it actually works amazingly well. I would rate this at 4.5/5 stars. It is fun, enjoyable and an entirely different feel than drawing on paper. I am concerned about the light as children and teenagers may shine it into the eyes of people. The resin does get hot if on your skin and you shine the light on it. The hardest part of the device is sharing it with the children. We are a long way off from masterpieces. With time, we will get better. Purchase an Atmosflare 3D drawing pen at or at

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