Astro Mined is an adorable iOS puzzle game.

I’ve never been a minesweeper fan, but I did enjoy Gauntlet. Gauntlet was one of those arcade games I would run to and pump quarters into left and right. I never made it very far, but boy did I have fun. Mobile gaming has come a long way in such a short time, but the enjoyment I received from Gauntlet has yet to be duplicated until this week’s release of Astro Mined.

astromined-1Astro Mined follows the adventures of Wally, an astronaut miner, as he makes his way through each level of peril. Following the pattern of Minesweeper, Astro Mined, has strategically placed, hidden mines. As Wally walks through a level, he is warned with a number revealing how many mines are in adjacent blocks from where Wally is currently standing. You must tread carefully and chose wisely as to where you send Wally because only one bomb will send him back to the beginning of the level.

As you proceed through the levels, you begin to receive rewards and can collect items like food and coins. You, the player are responsible for Wally’s safety and can navigate him through the levels or even use boulders, which do lose strength the more they are hit with mines, to destroy the hidden mines.

Published by MakeGamesWithUs, Astro Mined: Galactic Bombsquad was designed by Aleksander Fedorynski. He states that he created this game with Minesweeper in mind.

“I love the simple-yet-beautiful gameplay of Minesweeper,” says Aleksander Fedorynski, lead developer and creator of Astro Mined. “I always end up wanting more from the core gameplay, though. Instead of pure puzzle-solving, I wanted an adventure. Instead of merely avoiding mines, I wanted to disable them. Astro Mined is the game I had in mind – and I decided to build it myself after realizing that a Sokoban/Minesweeper hybrid simply didn’t exist.”

astromined-2While the designer had Minesweeper/Sokoban in mind, I definitely get the feel of Gauntlet when I play. For those of you who don’t remember, Gauntlet leads the player through levels where he or she must defeat a slew of villains in order to make it to the exit. While you don’t have live villains with Astro Mined, you do have a clear exit and guiding the little character is reminiscent, at least to me, of Gauntlet.

Because Astro Mined is not only an enjoyable game for players who have no prior experience with any of the aforementioned games, but also for those who have pleasant memories of other games, Astro Mined has a very good base for longevity as a mobile game.

Some of the key features of Astro Mined include:

  • 54 levels of adventure and danger: Enough variety for a lifetime stranded in space.
  • Sokoban meets Minesweeper: A bite-sized explosion of original puzzle gameplay.
  • Delightful sound effects and music: Proprietary tech allows Astro Mined to play music and effects in a vacuum!
  • Intellectually stimulating gameplay: Makes you smarter, wiser . . . a citizen of the stars!
  • Adorable cartoon space miner: A space mime wasn’t as popular among the staff, so we decided to scrap the Astro Mime idea and stick with Astro Mined.
  • Explore the Solar System: 3 planets to solve . . . just like “worlds” in a puzzle game
  • Collect coins for bonus points: No in-game currency. No crypto-currency. Just coins. Plain, good old fashioned, shiny gold coins.

Astro Mined is an adorable, enjoyable iOS game, which is sure to bring hours of fun for anyone who plays it. Astro Mined: Galactic Bombsquad is available in for free in the App Store. There is an in-app purchase for $1.99 that unlocks the levels past level 18.