Amazon’s affiliate program just got better with Associate from Squibner for iOS

Most websites have some sort of advertising these days. From Google Adsence to paid advertisers, everyone has to have some way to keep the lights on. For me, it’s Amazon’s affiliate program. I like to use the Amazon affiliate codes for two reasons. One I think Amazon has a great return and exchange program so if a product comes DOA then our readers know they won’t have any hassles getting it swapped out or their money back. Just because we received a product that worked when we reviewed it does not mean that everyone will have that same experience. The second reason I choose to use Amazon is because I know my links will never pop-up unwanted nor will they ever be something other then tech related. This is something that other ad companies and website sometimes don’t deliver on.

Associate AFFILIATE Linking for Amazon iOS App REVIEW Associate AFFILIATE Linking for Amazon iOS App REVIEW

For the most part, we generate the affiliate links directly from Amazon when using our desktop and laptop computers. But, there are times that we are on the go and want to post something through our mobile devices. John at Squibner created a wonderful iOS app called Blink for linking affiliate codes for iTunes and the app stores. I’ve been using that for quite some time now and have been longing for a similar option for the Amazon affiliate codes. As of today, that app is available for iOS.

Associate for iOS creates simple affiliate linking options for Amazon Associate. Before this app’s release, generating the affiliate codes was a hassle on mobile devices and it took far too long. Now, all you have to do is open the app, search for your item and then copy/paste the code where you need it to go. Associate’s search function covers the entire Amazon store so you don’t have to worry about missing that essential item you are looking for.

The link generating feature is great enough on its own, but there is also an extension that allows you to generate affiliate links from within Amazon’s app, or any other app that has Amazon links. Associate grabs the link and converts it with one simple tap. Here at MacSources we typically just use the straight html code link that is generated, but Associate also gives writers the option to use Markdown formats so that it fits better into your writing. If you are using Associate on an iPad, you can utilize Split View to keep the app always handy so that you can concentrate on writing rather than bouncing back and forth between apps.

Associate AFFILIATE Linking for Amazon iOS App REVIEW Associate AFFILIATE Linking for Amazon iOS App REVIEW

I’ve been privileged to be able to test out Associate before it’s public release. It’s been a great help and I feel as though I’ve been able to be more efficient and not so constrained to the side of my laptop. The set-up is incredibly easy as is the regular use of the app. When you start up the app, you simply enter your Associate Identifier (provided by Amazon to affiliates) and select your region (Associate is available for every region supported by the Amazon Associates program – US, UK, China, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, and India). Then, the app opens a screen that has a search field at the top. You can select if you want the plain link or the Markdown link. Once you find the item you want, you simply tap Share or Copy Link to use it as you see fit.

One of the things I truly love about this app is its simplicity. All the main functions are contained on one screen. It’s easy to read and follow, and there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles to clutter the app’s landscape. Anyone who is apart of the Amazon Associates program should have this app. It will make your life a lot easier.

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