Artisto provides easy to use, fun image enhancement

You’re probably familiar with Primsa, the photo filter app of the summer. I know I’ve used it to make my selfies and cat pictures all artistic and Insta-ready. Well, Artisto is very similar. When it first came out, it had an edge over Prisma in that it also could alter your videos, but that has since been lost, as Prisma can now also edit video. But Artisto is also expanding its bag of tricks, adding more artistic filters and Snapchat-like cat ears, beards, and flower crowns to the in-app camera UI, which is super fun.

Artisto iOS App REVIEW Artisto iOS App REVIEW

Either way, Artisto is a photo and video editing app that allows you to apply artistic filters to your media to make them into works of art. You start with your picture or video. You can use files from your device’s library or take them in-app, though everything will be square if you use the latter. Perfect for Instagram, of course. You then crop and add a filter. There are currently 23 filter selections (compared to Prisma’s 40), including one each for the Democratic (bluish) and Republican (reddish) presidential candidates. It takes a few seconds for it to apply the filter and a bit longer for videos. One thing I don’t particularly like in the app is that there is a separate screen for flipping through the filters so you can’t see your image/video and the filter options at the same time. It’s a small detail, as it doesn’t take much more effort to go back and forth to try out different effects. The only problem I’ve had with the app at all is it sometimes freezing.

Artisto iOS App REVIEW Artisto iOS App REVIEW

So, the bottom line here. I think Artisto is cool. I also like Prisma. I feel like if you like one, you’ll like the other, and you should probably have both if you like messing around with your photos. They’re free and having both allows you to choose between like 63 filters.


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