Arro takes the guess work out of purchasing products.

Are you the type of person that has trouble making purchasing decisions? Do you pick up an item, walk through the store with it and then set it down next to the register because you ultimately decided not to buy it? If you answered, “yes,” to either of those questions, Arro may be a good choice for you to download to your iOS device.

arro-screenshot1Arro is a personal shopping assistant that not only compares prices for you from different retailers, but it also looks at reviews and tells you ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when you ask if you should buy an item. Another nice feature that is included is the ability to search nearby retailers’ stock. Arro does have a limited amount of items included in its search feature and only a select number of categories to choose from.

When you open the app, it, of course, asks you for permission to send push notifications and then use location services. The ‘Home’ page in the app shows you five shopping categories – electronics, baby, fitness, personal care and appliances. When you select one of the categories, you are then presented with a list of item types. For example, under electronics, some of the items listed are bluetooth headset, camera, headphones and Blu-ray player. Once you make an item selection, the app asks you to select a price range and then presents you with a list of specific branded items. You can tag an item as a favorite, ask the app if it is available nearby and review the price.

arro-screenshot2Arro was recently updated this month, but it has been available for several months (since October 2012). It has gone through several updates, but I think still has some room for improvement. I would like to see the ability to type in specific items instead of just navigating through the pages of lists. You can type in specific terms when you are asking for the app to tell you if you should purchase an item, but that doesn’t give you the option to learn anything about the item. Another feature I would like to see enhanced is the details of items. You are given very few details of the items when you go to ‘details’ on the item.

Overall, the app is well-designed and I love the concept, but there is some room for improvement.