Arlo HD Security Cameras Review:

Indoor/Outdoor, Wire-free, weatherproof, HD security camera system soars above its competitors.

Arlo HD Security Cameras Review 3Over the past week I’ve had the great opportunity to review the Arlo security camera system. When first presented with it I was a bit on the edge of wanting to pass this review on to someone else. This is because of the bad luck I’ve had with other security video camera systems. My interest was peaked though when I heard Arlo was battery powered (each camera uses four lithium CR123 Photo batteries; lasts 4-6 months). There were no cables I had to run, but this made me even more nervous because – how could a video camera system work well off batteries?

The unit we received for review is the 2-camera set-up. As I mentioned, it is 100% wire-free and the cameras are built to withstand all weather conditions. They can be used indoor or outdoor. At first glance, I was concerned about the installation. Being that this was a review test, I didn’t want to have to do a heavy, permanent install. Fortunately, one of the coolest features of these cameras is that they are magnetic. This made it easy to set them up. I put one in our garage and one outside of our front door. These were two places that I felt needed a bit of extra attention for security purposes.

Arlo HD Security Cameras Review 4The cameras offer full 720P HD video resolution and they record using H.264. This makes the video crisp and clean, but makes certain that the video files aren’t too large. One other nice feature is that they record in full color whereas some security cameras only record in black and white.

The Arlo cameras have full motion detection capabilities and send you automatic email alerts and push notifications. The night vision is impeccable and illuminates up to 25 feet. A cameras field of view is approximately 110º.

One thing you must have is a high-speed internet connection with a minimum of 1Mbps upstream recommended. The base station has a wireless capability of 2.4GHz and 802.11n.

Arlo HD Security Cameras Review 5IMPRESSIONS
Any of the doubts I had about this little camera system were soon assuaged once I set it up. I plugged in the base station, and had no trouble with the cameras connecting or with the app communicating with the system.

If I had not had this opportunity to review this unit, I never would have thought about buying them. I had seen them at Best Buy before, but because the four-camera package runs $500, and I had been burnt by third-party security camera systems before, I’ve never given them a second look. Fortunately, I had this opportunity and found out what a wonderful piece of technology it is.

Arlo HD Security Cameras Review 6Arlo is a life saver. Not only did it keep me from having to run any wires, but it works extremely well. I mean, how did they get this little, battery-operated camera system to work so well?

The motion detection is spot on. As soon as the camera sees motion, I get a notification to my iPhone and to my email. The email shows me a photo of what triggered the camera. From there, I can quickly open the Arlo app and see more by watching the video playback.

Arlo allows you to record and save video to your device or upload visuals to social media from the iOS app. I’m so impressed with this system that I’m planning on  heading out to buy more cameras. The nice thing about this system is that you can easily add cameras at will – with just the click of a button.

Arlo HD Security Cameras Review 7The HD quality both in night vision and normal video viewing mode is the best I’ve seen yet out of any home security system that works with your smart phones.

As a comparison, I have Dropcams around my home as well as a SkyBell and Ring video doorbells. All of these cameras are meant to complete the same function of the Arlo system. The Dropcams have 1080P video, but don’t look anywhere near as good as the Arlo cameras.

If you are looking for a home or office security system that works, I would strongly consider the Arlo camera system. You can choose one of several options for as a starter system. The smallest kit is one camera and one base system and it retails for $200. The largest is the 4-camera system I mentioned for $500 and you can add-on cameras for $160 each. Even though the Arlo system is a bit more costly than its competitors, it is really a nice, well-thought out system that works extremely well.

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