Powered by the Arlo SmartHub and controlled through the Arlo App, the Arlo Security System features all-in-one multi-purpose sensor for window, door, motion, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, water leak detection and more

Arlo Technologies, Inc., the #1 network connected camera brand, announced today the Arlo Security System. Designed to complement Arlo camera monitoring capabilities, Arlo’s latest solution provides users with the ability to create a seamless home or small business DIY security system. The system includes the breakthrough Arlo Multi-Sensor as well as the Arlo Siren and Arlo Remote, all powered by the Arlo SmartHub and managed by the Arlo app, which instantly notifies users of important events or emergencies2. The Arlo Security System will be available in the second half of 2019. 

The cutting-edge Arlo Multi-Sensor is a critical component of the Arlo Security System. Unlike traditional security and existing DIY solutions that require users to purchase single-purpose sensors for specific applications, Arlo’s advanced all-in-one Multi-Sensor provides users with a compact, versatile solution that can be placed nearly anywhere to help families and business owners protect what matters most. Easy to setup and control through the Arlo app, the Multi-Sensor detects windows and doors opening and closing, motion, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, water leaks, temperature changes and more for the ultimate piece of mind. The Multi-Sensor can also be programmed to cross-trigger other Arlo devices, for example signaling Arlo cameras to start recording. 

“The Arlo Security System will provide consumers the ability to elevate and customize the security measures they deploy to protect their homes or small businesses,” said Pat Collins, senior vice president of Arlo products. “Our new multi-purpose sensor will be a game-changing component of the system. From identifying if a door or window is open, to detecting a leak under the sink, the Multi-Sensor communicates with other Arlo products and certified third-party smart home devices via the Arlo SmartHub, offering an intelligent security solution all managed by the Arlo app.”

The Arlo Siren further expands the Arlo Security System. Both outdoor-rated and battery-operated, the Siren can be placed anywhere in range of the SmartHub. A loud siren accompanied by a red strobe light deters intruders, alerting property owners and surrounding neighbors of an emergency situation. Users can also enable presence simulation to emit audio sounds, such as dog barking or TV audio, to make their house less attractive to intruders.  A built-in melody can be activated to notify users of specific events, such as the Multi-Sensor detecting a door opening. 

The Arlo Remote provides users with the convenience of arming and disarming their system, for themselves or for others they would like to grant access without using the Arlo app. The Remote also features two customizable buttons that can be programmed to perform specific actions, such as turning on compatible third-party lights or activating the Arlo Siren in a panic situation.  

The Arlo SmartHub will serve as the nucleus of the Arlo Security System. Engineered with ArloRF™, a proprietary two-way radio frequency technology, the SmartHub provides Arlo devices with extended battery life and superior long-range wireless coverage, enabling hassle-free communication between the SmartHub and Arlo devices. In the second half of 2019, the SmartHub will also become Zigbee and Z-Wave capable3. This compatibility will allow Arlo users to control a wide-range of “Works with Arlo” certified third-party smart home devices via the Arlo app, giving them one central monitoring and controlling touchpoint for a simplified smart home experience. 

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