Users will be able to wirelessly connect compatible third-party smart home devices through the Arlo app for simplified monitoring and control

Arlo Technologies, Inc., the #1 network connected camera brand, announced today the introduction of its new “Works with Arlo” compatibility program, designed to enable a cohesive smart home experience. In the second half of 2019, “Works with Arlo” connected devices, such as smart locks, lights, speakers and more, will wirelessly connect through the recently announced Arlo SmartHub. Users will then be able to easily control and manage all their “Works with Arlo” connected devices, including Arlo security cameras, through the Arlo app. Initial “Works with Arlo” partners include Bose, Danalock, Jasco, Leviton, LIFX, Philips Hue, Schlage, Sonos and Yale, with additional partners to be announced at a later date.  

“While there are an increasing number of internet-connected devices in the marketplace, security cameras are often viewed as the core of the smart home. Seeing a need to help consumers streamline the way they control their Arlo products and other smart home devices, we set out to create a solution designed to grow as our users expand their ecosystem,” said Pat Collins, senior vice president of Arlo products. “The ‘Works with Arlo’ program not only assures users that compatible products will integrate with their Arlo system, but also allows for simplified smart home management through one central interface – the Arlo app.”

When creating a smart home ecosystem comprised of “Works with Arlo” devices, automated events can be created within the Arlo app to execute various repetitive tasks. For example, connected devices can cross-trigger one another, enabling Arlo to secure a user’s home for the night by arming the outdoor cameras, locking doors and turning off lights. If any one of the connected devices detects unusual activity that deviates from the user’s settings or automated events, the Arlo app will immediately deploy an alert to the user’s smartphone, allowing them to take action.   

The Arlo SmartHub will power the “Works with Arlo” program by serving as the nucleus of the smart home. Engineered with ArloRF™, a proprietary two-way radio frequency technology, the SmartHub provides Arlo devices with extended battery life and superior long-range wireless coverage, enabling hassle-free communication between the SmartHub and Arlo devices. In the second half of 2019, the SmartHub will also become Zigbee and Z-Wave capable. This compatibility will allow Arlo users to control a wide-range of “Works with Arlo” third-party smart home devices via the Arlo app, giving them one central monitoring and controlling touchpoint for a simplified smart home experience. 

When third-party devices complete the compatibility program, Arlo validates the product with a “Works with Arlo” badge to assure users that the device is compatible with the Arlo SmartHub and Arlo app. On an ongoing basis, products will be continually audited based on product star ratings, customer feedback, service latency and device cloud up-time. 

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