Lightweight stand provides easy charging and storage for Apple Watch.

ARKTEK Apple Watch Stand Review 3Since the Apple Watch came out, I’ve been trying out different stands for storage and charging of the device. I’ve found that there are a lot of different types of stands – ones that have no cable management, ones that have extensive cable management, simple ones, fancy ones, and even some that just don’t function very well at all. I try to live by a certain motto – more isn’t always better. Sometimes, it’s just more. It’s the idea that less is more and that sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. In my search for the perfect Apple Watch stand, I found this Apple Watch Stand from ARKTEK.

ARKTEK Apple Watch Stand Review 4This stand is elegant in its simplicity. It is made from aluminum, like some other stands I’ve tested, but it’s super lightweight and only weighs 2.5 ounces. When I first took it out of its packaging, I was completely shocked. I thought for sure that it would tip over when I put my watch on it. I was pleasantly surprised when I routed the cable and placed the watch on the stand. It’s shape is enough to keep it level and despite it’s weight it stays upright.

ARKTEK Apple Watch Stand Review 5Routing the cable is exceptionally easy, too. Some stands make you stick the cable through a super small channel, but this one just has an opening on the side, which makes it easy to slide the cable through and plug into an outlet. Also, the charging puck is secure in its spot, but can easily be removed. Some stands I have tried out have an exceptionally tight puck spot. This makes it hard to remove it if you need to. I’m always concerned about the cable getting damaged. There isn’t that concern anymore with the ARKTEK stand.

ARKTEK Apple Watch Stand Review 6The Apple Watch stand has a very sleek, minimal design that fits in most places. One other thing I would like to mention is that on the packaging for the stand the product was misspelled. Apple Watch was spelled Aple Watch Don’t let the quality control on the packaging push you away from these products. It is really well-made and worth the purchase.

This stand is a good buy and really makes a nice impression when sitting out.