A protective, spacious case for equipment storage or transport.

A few years back, we invested in a very large, widescreen monitor. Well, it was ‘very large’ at the time. The price of monitors has been somewhat reduced since that time and I no longer have to travel 3 hours just to be able to acquire a monitor of that magnitude, but I haven’t wanted to get rid of this monitor because it still works and it’s a good backup in case my new primary monitor happens to fail. So, how do you go about storing a 34-inch widescreen monitor in a safe way? You get a transport case like the CT-TM45B LCD Transport Case from Arco. It’s a lined, padded case that makes it possible for you to store or transport a monitor from place to place safely. 


The CT-TM45B LCD Transport Case is designed to provide a safe, comfortable way to carry a flat panel display. The case can be carried using a provided shoulder strap or the integrated padded handles. The case is padded and weather-resistant. It has a textured, waterproof bottom and features dual zippers – one side that opens 100% and the other that opens as an envelop flap. Even though it’s designed for displays, the case can also be used for lighting fixtures and other gear of similar sizes. An accessory pouch and business card pocket are also included as added benefits. 


  • Padded and weather resistant
  • Textured and waterproof bottom
  • Adjustable, removable shoulder strap (attaches to metal D-rings), padded handles, and bottom grab-handle
  • Dual-zippered, envelope-style opening
  • Large exterior accessory pocket
  • Clear display window for an ID or business card


The Arco LCD Transport Case is honestly something I never knew I needed until I had it. From the moment it arrived, I’ve been incredibly impressed with how well it functions and how well it is made. It is tall, but my monitor fits in it quite well. You will see from the images included that the monitor fits width-wise, but that there is quite a bit of headroom. I like that the case has the ability to accommodate so many shapes and sizes of monitors. The accessory pocket is a great addition because it makes it possible to keep the power and accessory cables that were meant to go with a specific monitor together with that monitor. This is constantly a problem in our office – cables getting mismatched. I do, however, wish the pocket was a bit deeper. It is designed as a flat pocket, which limits the amount and types of accessories that can be stored there. 

To be honest, I wanted this bag for storage more than transporting the monitor place-to-place. With that in mind, I sort of wish the sides were a bit more hard shell than they are. The case does hold its shape, but if the sides were a ‘hard shell’ with padding around it, then the monitor would fit better in places like closets or storage rooms. But, since this particular case was designed with travel in mind, I’m glad it has softer sides. Should we need to carry it, the case is much more comfortable that way. 


I really like this product and think it’s a wise investment for anyone that travels with equipment or needs to store it. While ‘display’ is in the name of the product, it really is a multi-purpose case that is very roomy and protective. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others. 

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