Hard drive fits a lot of storage needs, but not all.

I am constantly running out of precious and much need hard drive space. Like most people, I save every picture, song, video clip, and document that comes my way. There are only so many internal storage upgrades that you can implement. I’m a fan of external storage for non-essential media and documents. I have to keep certain types of files grouped together and an easy way to do that is with portable hard drives. It’s the simplest way to upgrade. There’s no hassle of opening your computer and damaging something And it’s quick and easy to plug in a portable hard drive and not worry. Transferring files large and small is a quick task now.

ARCHGON Classic Ultra Slim External Hard Drive REVIEW

Archgon’s Classic Ultra Slim External Hard Drive fits a lot of my needs and wants in a portable hard drive. I am a function over form kind of guy, but every once in a while I find something that meets both. The compact case is barely bigger that the hard drive itself. I have several portable hard drives and they are fairly small, but there is a huge noticeable difference when sat side by side with Archgon’s. The overall body of the case is metal with the end caps plastic. Since the main idea is to be portable, you need the case to be rugged and able to take the every bumps and wear and tear of life. The case is completely closed off with the exception of the USB 3.0 slot and the led indicator light.

The USB 3.0 does support  backwards compatibility with USB 2.0. This helps out with older and new computers. I found that it does speed up my transfers rate with my older MacBook compared to some of my older portable hard drives. The included cable is roughly a foot long. I do like that it’s not long enough to radially get tangled during transport, but in a few instances having a slightly longer cable has some advantages.

ARCHGON Classic Ultra Slim External Hard Drive REVIEW

At first glance of Archgon’s packaging, I was a little stumped at what size hard drive was inside of the case. The box is pretty basic, except for the fact that you don’t know the size. Not really a big deal or a hard task to figure it out considering I usually reformat any hrs drive immediately. It is compatible with the big three operating systems make transferring with friends and family quite simple and painless. I do tend to keep a multimedia only portable hard drive for my gaming console for entertainment. This was my only issue with the hard drive. No matter how I formatted it, my PlayStation 4 would recognize and of the files that I had loaded onto it. I didn’t have a problem with any computer I plugged it into. With that being said, this will be my portable hard drive that I keep in my travel bag, just because of the speed and ultra compact design.

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