Stylish protection that helps for long amounts of computer usage.

For those out there who work long hours in front of a computer screen, I’m sure you’re no stranger to the headaches and eye strain caused by it.  I work as a cardiac monitoring technician which basically means I stare at computer screens with heart rhythms on them.  Then I come home and I have nursing program work and work to do on so the computer time really adds up.  It’s pretty much a mandatory thing for me to have headache relief medicine on me at all times.  Archgon anti-blue light glasses seem to actually help some of the eyestrain I face on a regular basis.

I wear glasses because I have astigmatism in both eyes and my main issue is not being able to see things clearly far away.  I see relatively fine up close so I’m able to use these glasses for computing.  My regular glasses are a pair of Kate Spade frames that are in the exact same shape and style as this pair.  The only difference in looks is the Archgon anti-blue light frames are a different color and just a little larger.  Needless to say were not sacrificing style with these glasses.

Archgon Anti-Blue Light Computer Glasses REVIEW

The frames are very light weight plastic which is comfortable, especially to people who do not wear glasses on a regular basis.  Granted the plastic the frames are made out of is not top notch quality but I did try bending the ear pieces and they did not snap or become distorted proving that they are durable.  The lenses are very secure in the frames as well because I pushed on them and they remained in place. The lenses are non-prescription and are FDA-registered.

The color change in lighting is actually very noticeable.  According to test results from SGS a swiss-based lab, the Archon Anti-Blue Light frames have a 57.89% Blue light blocking percentage and 99% UV Protection.  Wearing these glasses made me extremely aware of how much blue lighting I am looking at.  It’s like adding a slight sepia tone filter to your eyes.  As far as usage goes I felt like I was able to look at the computer a little longer without taking a break.  I did not experience a headache during my usage as well.  I do think using these glasses are beneficial to my eyes for using electronics.

Lastly, one extra thing I think these glasses would benefit people with issues falling asleep.  I’ve read studies about how blue light from our phones and computers are effecting sleeping patterns.  That’s why the recommendation is to not use them a certain time before falling asleep.  Many people find themselves unable to do that and these glasses might be a good solution for that issue.

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