Very impressive, tiny mobile phone mount.

Archeer Magnetic Smartphone Holder Review 3I go thru phone holders like crazy. I find on that I like and then it dawns on me that it just isn’t sturdy enough or flexible enough for me. In walks Archeer’s magnetic phone holder for the dashboard.

This is a rather unique dashboard mount for phones. First of all, it’s magnetic and has a very small surface area for the phone to rest on. I was very skeptical at first. It is amazingly small, so how sturdy could it be? Very sturdy, as it turns out. Before I put it in my car and my phone, I played with it for a lot longer than I would like to admit. The magnet was strong enough to give me a blood blister. One of the really cool things about this mount is that even though it is designed for car use, because it’s magnetic/adhesive based, you can really use it on any surface. After I felt secure that it was strong enough to properly hold my beloved iPhone, I went ahead and installed it in my car.

Archeer Magnetic Smartphone Holder Review 4The install was fairly simple and straight forward. One adhesive on the base of the holder and an adhesive metal disc for the case of the phone. Both the metal plate and the magnetic mount use 3M adhesive, which is known for its strength and durability.  I chose not to adhere it to the actual phone because that just seemed reckless. There was a handy alcohol swab included to clean the surfaces and a few extra adhesives just in case you get the urge to move it around.

I really like that this mount is a magnetic ball because that allows the phone to have any number of viewable angles. I have had very few phone holders that I have truly liked. I loved this one. It meets all of my expectations and since its tiny, it’s not obtrusive and ugly while driving.

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