Arcadia iPhone 6 Screen Protector Review:

Adds invisible protection for your iPhone screen.

Arcadia iPhone 6 Screen Protector Review 3I’ve never really been a fan of screen protectors until recently. I discovered a large scratch on my iPhone screen and was quite upset about it. I’ve had natural wear and tear on my phones before, but never a screen scratch. So, I started looking at and paying more attention to screen protectors. There are several different kinds – the ones that come built-in with rugged style cases, glass screen protectors and the kind I’m going to look at today in my review – the adhesive transparent screen protector by Arcadia.

This highly durable piece of PET film, serves to protect your phone from surface scratches on your phone. It’s designed specifically for the iPhone 6 and has a unique three-layer design that provides extra protection for the front of your screen. The self-adhering film is strong, but can be easily replaced in the future. Because it’s transparent, the color and clarity of the iPhone 6’s display comes through beautifully.

Arcadia iPhone 6 Screen Protector Review 5I have been a bit leery about trying self-adhesive screen protectors because I’m notorious for lining things up wrong. I was surprised at how easy the installation ended up being. I simply lined up the cutouts for the earpiece and flash with the side of the phone and then pressed down so that it adhered to the phone’s screen. And, I was done. There was one moment when the film was going on crooked, but I was able to lift it off the phone and replace it without any adhesive residue or issues with it not adhering to the surface.

I really like this screen protector from Arcadia. Some of the others I’ve tried out feel ‘heavy’ and don’t feel like the regular surface of the iPhone. This screen protector does. I handed my phone to my fiancé and asked him to run his finger across the screen. He did and then I told him the screen protector was on it. He was shocked.

If you are looking for an extra layer of protection for your iPhone 6, this is a good product to try out.