Makers of the world’s first truly wireless meat thermometer releases latest innovation in expanding product line with sophisticated, multi-probe smart grilling tool

Apption Labs, the industry leading manufacturer of the world’s firsttruly wireless smart meat thermometer, formally launches its newest product innovation, the much- anticipated MEATER Block. Following the tremendous success of the single-probe format with MEATER and MEATER+, MEATER Block offers an elevated cook experience unlike any other product currently on the market. Developed with the same advanced feature set as the original MEATER, MEATER Block represents an evolution of the product line with enhancements designed to improve the user experience through groundbreaking technology. As a result, Apption Labs has further solidified its place as an industry leader in the space, paving the path as a standalone product in its category.

Both stainless steel and water resistant, the MEATER Block stores and charges up to four MEATER probes allowing you to cook different meats at various temperatures, specified to an individual’s preference. MEATER Block includes all of the advanced features that consumers enjoy from its predecessor, including use of the companion app, smart watch support and access to MEATER Link WIFI and MEATER Cloud. For added flexibility, the device is designed with a fully customizable experience, allowing users to access Stand-Alone Mode in order to cook without the use of a smart phone, as well as experience long-range connectivity with a built-in Bluetooth to WIFI range extension in the charging dock. When connected to a home WIFI network, MEATER Block allows for unlimited wireless range and smart app access without a secondary device. Adding to its robust feature set, MEATER Block also includes a touch capacitive interface and a crisp OLED display.

Delivering the best backyard BBQ or indoor cook experience, MEATER Block boasts unique, patented technology that measures both internal meat and external ambient temperatures in the oven or grill, providing estimated cook times and alerts to your smartphone, giving you the freedom to step away from your oven or grill. In addition, its sleek design makes for an attractive feature to any kitchen or outdoor space.

“We designed the MEATER product line as a direct response to the market’s demand for smart home technology that solve the common pain points consumers face, including ridding meat thermometers ofpesky wires,” said Joseph Cruz, Co-Founder of Apption Labs. “We studied the market extensively and have developed a product unlike anything else currently available. We look forward to continuing to create products that enhance the culinary horizons of our users with the tools and technology needed to ensure the perfect result.”

MEATER Block is now available for purchase at for $269 USD.

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