Apple’s Smart Battery Case provides form and function for iPhone 6/6s users.

Over the past few days I’ve read one negative review after the other on the new Apple Smart Battery Case. I wanted to speak on why I think the case should be a hit. First off, it’s the only battery case that works with iOS in an integrated way. When plugging it in, iOS will show you how much battery is remaining, which you can also see by pulling down the Today View in the Notification Center.

The second big complaint I read over and over again was how Apple did not give you the option to turn the case on and off. Basically, what they did by removing this feature was take away the big mistake most people make with a battery case. It takes more power to charge your phone and drains a battery case faster to do so. The best option is to have both the case and the iPhone charged and start the day with the battery case on. Let the case use its power up first and when it runs down the iPhone will be at 100% and you’ll be ready to finish your day with a fully charged iPhone.

Why Apple's New Smart Battery Case is Great 2

The third biggest complaint is about the case is its absence of power indicator LED’s on the outside of the case. This was also a smart move in my opinion. A four or five LED indicator is not going to tell you how much battery is remaining. This is what makes what I said about the iOS integration so important. No other battery case uses iOS integration to show you how much battery is remaining. Why power the LED’s on the outside just to give you a half-assed expression on how much power is left when iOS can tell you in two different ways what the percentage is? Having the one and only LED inside the case was a smart move because when you charge the case without the phone, you can see it because most people will lay the case on it’s back. This gives you eyes on the one LED that’s hidden when the case is in use by the phone. When the case is charged, you will see the light change from amber to green.

Why Apple's New Smart Battery Case is Great 3

Lastly, the most complained about feature of the new Apple Smart Battery Case is the bump on the back of the case. I agree it’s an odd design choice, but it, too, is smart in a few ways. First, with the hump being in the middle, it makes for the top and bottom of the case to be thin like the iPhone. This also makes sliding the phone in and out of a pocket a bit easier. Secondly, having the bump in the middle gives me a place to rest my fingers when I change to landscape viewing mode. This makes my grip more secure. Was this a design choice that Apple thought of? I don’t know, but most likely it’s not a feature that anyone else is thinking of. The case is intresting and it comes in only two colors, which is something else that was a bit of an odd choice. This might be due to Apple wanting to see how it sold before making them in other colors, but both of the current color choices are very classy.

Why Apple's New Smart Battery Case is Great 4

One feature that isn’t being discussed much is the additional antenna bands that Apple included in the case. There is a couple passive antenna to assist with signal strength. Many battery cases end up decreasing signal strength just because of the added layers around your phone, but Apple took that into account and added the antennas for signal retention.

If you are not happy with the design of the case, then don’t buy it. But, for most people who would like a nice easy-to-use battery case, then Apple’s Smart Battery Case will be for you. I just wish they would have made one for the iPhone 6s Plus as well.

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