Apple Watch News Unboxing Video:

After two weeks (plus many months) of anticipation, it’s here.

Apple Watch News Unboxing Video 1

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It began with an order status update – Your order is preparing to ship. Then, it said, “Shipped.” We followed the tracking from UPS, but there were no updates for two days until this morning it magically read, “Out for Delivery.” We knew that our wait was almost over.

Apple Watch News Unboxing Video 2

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At 1:10pm, the clunky, brown truck ambled down our street and we knew what the driver had for us. He held in his hands two boxes, one for us and one for our neighbor. Our friendly UPS driver told us to have a nice day and we joyfully accepted the package and began the unboxing of the newest member of our Apple family.

We’ve spent the afternoon getting to know our Apple Watch and even planned on trying to get a secondary band for it. Sadly, the Apple Store closest to us informed us that there will be no bands in the stores, or accessories of any kind for the Apple Watch until the ‘mania’ dies down. Any bands will have to be purchased through online means.