An affordable option for watch band.

Apple Watch Link Bracelet Clone Review 3Apple’s Link Bracelet is an amazingly nice watch band. It’s also amazingly expensive. Apple justifies the price of the band because of its custom craftsmanship. According to their website, it takes approximately 9 hours to build all the links in a single bracelet.Even though I was interested in owning one of these remarkable bands, because of its price, I started looking for third party bands that had the same look minus the cost.

When it comes to this replica of the Link Bracelet from Teslasz, you will get its looks, but you won’t get the simple release option for links that the Apple version has. That being said, this clone is still a great option for anyone wanting to enhance their band collection and removing the pins to take a link or two out is pretty easy.

Apple Watch Link Bracelet Clone Review 6If you don’t have the tools to do it at home, you can easily take the band to a jeweler or a department store with a jewelry counter. I found that out of the box the Link Bracelet was a bit loose, so I visited a department store that had a jewelry counter that sold higher-end watches. The associate had no problems popping the two links out and putting the watch back together.

One issue I think a lot of people have had with third party watch bands is that they aren’t staying locked in place. I’ve not had that issue with the Link Bracelet. It’s stayed locked and secure on the watch as it should.

Apple Watch Link Bracelet Clone Review 5The Link Bracelet sold by Apple for $449 is crafted from 316L stainless steel alloy with custom butterfly closure. This replica from Teslasz is also made from 316L stainless steel alloy and features a custom butterfly closure, but this band is roughly 15% of the Apple original Link Bracelet band and in my opinion, is a great replacement band for the Apple Watch.

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