Superb clone of the original band.

Apple Watch Leather Loop Band Clone Review 4I love my Apple Watch and when it comes to the bands Apple sells for the watch, I love them, too, but not the price of them. I know before anyone says it – yes they are incredibly expensive for a Leather Loop band priced at $149.99. Apple justifies that by using super high quality leather and other materials, but let’s be honest here who has the extra cash laying around to pick up more than one of these bands. I’ve bought a few bands from Apple because well I wanted them, but when it comes to the Leather Loop, I own one – the Midnight Blue – from Apple. I would love to have the other colors, but I also enjoy having money so my dilemma becomes a reality. “Eat, or have a pretty watch band?”

Thanks to some third party sellers on Amazon, you can find pretty good clones of Apple’s Leather Loop watch bands at a fraction of the cost. Coming in at just $33, it becomes much easier on my wallet to sport a new Apple Watch band anytime I want my watch to match what I’m wearing.

Apple Watch Leather Loop Band Clone Review 5Designed with what the seller calls ‘Genuine Leather Milled with Stylish Superior Craftsmanship,’ the band itself operates just the same as Apple’s Leather Loop band.

All colors of the Clone Leather Loop are made to work with both sizes of the Apple Watch. Also, no additional accessories are needed to install this band as the lug is designed just like Apple’s loop bands.

So what are you getting at this lower cost and is it worth it?

You’re getting a band that you can use on your Apple Watch at a lower cost. You’re getting a band that looks almost identical to the original Apple band minus the space between each ripple in the band. You’re also getting a slightly less strong magnet that keeps the band around your wrist. When I handed both the real Apple Watch Leather Loop and the Clone Leather loop to a friend, he wasn’t able to tell which was the real band until he flipped the band over and noticed that the clone did not have the Apple Watch stamp that says ‘Natural Leather.’

There is a slight weight difference between the real band and the clone – the clone is 24g and the Apple band is 33g. I believe this is because there is more metal in the Apple Watch band due to how close each magnetic bar is to each other. You can see the difference in the photo below.

Apple Watch Leather Loop Band Clone Review 8

Apple Watch Leather Loop Band Clone Review 9I’ve been wearing the brown clone band for a week and it’s held up very nicely. I don’t believe it’s going to fall apart quickly and I think it’s a great alternative to breaking the bank.

The Apple Watch Leather Loop is nice, but when you want to have color choices at an affordable price, finding clones that are well made are important. I like this one so much I placed an order for the other colors they sell – five in all -brown (which I have), black, blue, khaki, and red.

For the price alone it’s a must have.

Buy on Amazon: Apple Watch Leather Loop Clone Band