Apple Watch Forensics:

The first mainstream wearable with 8GB of internal storage could be open to attacks.

So over 1 million people have ordered an Apple Watch so far and that number will only keep rising as the device becomes more popular with everyday users. All of this is great news for fans of wearable technology and well-made Apple products, but it is also great news for criminals who want to steal your data and law enforcement and government snoops who want to access and catalog every aspect of your life.

The Apple Watch is the first mainstream wearable with 8GB of internal storage. Many people were excited at the prospect of uploading a lot of music onto their watch while they went on a run without having to carry their phone with them. However, Apple has limited the music to 2GB and pictures 75MB! So what is that remaining 6GB for? Much of it is no doubt reserved for caching of watch apps as they interact with your phone and at this time, there is not a lot an Apple Watch can do without being connected to a phone.

The very nature of the Apple Watch opens a new attack vector as the device mostly remains in constant communication with its paired iPhone. Attackers will no doubt be looking for exploits in Bluetooth and WiFi communications of the device to launch attacks. Something like this could take the concept of a man-in-the-middle attack to a new level. Also, since the device only lasts 18 hours on one charge, it is likely that people will forget to charge it and leave it at home while they juice it back up. This opens the door for running local forensic examinations as a lot of its internal storage will be used for caching data.

Of course, these types of attacks have been around for a long time and the Apple watch doesn’t introduce any truly new vulnerabilities. However, when Apple moves into a new product category, sales in that area tend to explode. In a few years we all may have a device on our wrists that offer some seriously futuristic features, but those same devices may also be leaking all of the details of our lives to anyone who knows how to listen.