Apple updates Apple TV firmware and Remote iOS App.

appletv-1Apple rolled out a firmware update to the Apple TV today. Apple TV version 6.1 includes a new function for hiding channel icons from the main menu. Before this update, users had to go through a barrage of system menus to hide the icons. Now, one needs only to press and hold the Play/Pause button and wait until the icons begin shaking. Once they do, a user may select one and decide to ‘hide’ it from the prompt that appears.

In addition to the new ‘hide’ function for icons, an app for SXSW iTunes Festival was added as well. While the Festival app isn’t technically apart of the update, it appeared over this past weekend and allows users to access all the performances of the SXSW concert series. Apple has lined up Willie Nelson, Coldplay, Soungarten, Keith Urban and Pitbull – to name a few.

appletv-2Another update that Apple shipped out today was the Remote app for iOS devices. Remote allows iOS users to control iTunes Library or Apple TV without using the standard Apple Remote. Today’s update to version 4.2 now gives users the option to control iTunes Radio on the Apple TV and browse purchased movies and TV shows inside the app and then play them on the Apple TV.

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