Apple loves it’s users

Shopping can be a different experience for many people. Some use it as a way to cope and others see it as a chore. From absolutely despising, to finding it relaxing, shopping is a must.

Lately, I’ve done a great deal of shopping online via Amazon. I like the experience. I like how there is no salesman trying to force him or herself into the conversation or the lack of finding what I’m looking for. Some stores I shop at decide placing computer accessories in home audio would be better then keeping them in somewhere obvious to find.

Last year, I did all my Christmas shopping on Now, I wouldn’t always rather shop online. In fact, I find any excuse I can to shop at the Apple Store even though the closest one to me is approximately two hours away.

Typically, I find myself going there to have a computer or other Apple device repaired. Now, repairs end up being few and far between, but they do happen. That’s why I make sure to get Apple Care for each of my devices. If you don’t, I would highly recommend that you do. Because I purchased Apple Care, I was able to avoid a somewhat catastrophic problem.

Time-CapsuleA few weeks ago, we began having issues with our WiFi signal. We had an Apple Time Capsule running as our main router. This Time Capsule has been in service since 2011 and has worked flawlessly up until we lost our wireless signal completely one night a few weeks ago. I noticed that the Time Capsule was extremely hot and so I called Apple Support to discuss options. Once I described the problem and went through basic over-the-phone trouble shooting, the Apple Care service person said that I should take it to an Apple Store for repair. AND, because the Time Capsule was purchased while I had Apple Care on a MacBook Pro, the Time Capsule would be covered by Apple Care.

So, we ventured to the Apple Store at Oxmoor in Louisville, Kentucky. This is the store we frequent as we’ve always had exceptional service there. First of all, I wanted to note that it was a week night and the store was slammed with service appointments. So, even though I had made an appointment, I ended up having to wait for an available Genius. Even with this being the case, other Apple Store employees would check by regularly to let me know that it wouldn’t be much longer and they double checked to make sure all the notes were correct on my case.

Once I settled into my Genius appointment, I explained the issues I’d been having and what was discussed with the Apple Care technician. Once the Genius checked with their repairmen, they reported that Apple no longer services the fourth generation Time Capsule and they offered the newest version of the Time Capsule as a replacement. Keep in mind that this device retails for $299 and the Apple Care that was covering was on a Late 2011 model 17-inch MacBook Pro with only 60+ days left with the Apple Care protection.

Honestly, it would have been easy enough for them to look at the device and say, “I’m sorry there is nothing we can do for you,” but Apple has integrity and stands behind their products. Since they couldn’t fix the issue, they replaced it. That’s what makes working with and visiting the Apple Store a pleasant experience. They want their customers to be advocates for the brand and for the service they receive.

While I enjoy shopping online, nothing can beat the service received from Apple Store associates.