Apple’s Spring Forward event saw the return of the MacBook, a $10,000 Apple Watch and a price drop for the Apple TV.

Today, technology company, Apple held a live event they have dubbed, “Spring Forward,” which is a nod to their promise to keep technology moving forward. Apple CEO Tim Cook even ended his Keynote address by saying that Apple is committed to moving all their product lines forward to enhance the lives of the people using them. There were several big announcements that came out of this event including updates to hardware and software, introductions of new products and announcements of the impending launch of their newest product line, Apple Watch. Let’s start with the what ended up being the biggest surprise of the day – the return of the MacBook.

The new MacBook
This event was highly anticipated because of the well-hidden details of the launch of the Apple Watch, but Apple surprised us all by bringing back the popular MacBook line. This time it does not have a white plastic body. Instead, it has the first ever all-metal unibody and it’s thinner than ever. At its thickest point, the new MacBook only measures 13.1mm thick, which is 68% thinner than the 11-inch MacBook Air. It is also the lightest notebook in existence today weighing in at only 2 pounds. The new MacBook features a beautiful 3.3 million pixel 12-inch Retina display.

We are very excited to see this bad boy in action. Not only is it the culmination of tons of research to bring mobility to the notebook, but it is also a revolutionary piece of technology in its own rite. For one thing, Apple has limited the amount of ports available on the new MacBook to two. That’s right. Two – a headphone jack and a USB-C port that will be used for speedy data transfer, video output and charging of the laptop.

Apple has also redesigned the keyboard to fit a full-sized keyboard in such a small package. Apple engineers have reimagined the keyboard to include a brand new butterfly-style mechanism for the keys to be more precise and a brand new force touch trackpad.

The new MacBook is going to be available for pre-order in early April and has a starting price of $1299. It has three color choices – also a first for an Apple notebook – silver, space gray and gold. For full details of the new MacBook, visit

Below are a couple of videos featuring the new MacBook.


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Apple TV
Another big piece of news coming from today’s event was the price drop of the Apple TV. Traditionally it’s been offered at $99, but Apple announced today that the price would be dropped to $69 as a starting price. In addition to the price drop, it was also announced that HBO’s new streaming media service, HBO NOW, would be offered exclusively on Apple devices when it launches in April. The price for the subscription service will be $14.99 per month.

Apple Watch Launch
Back in November, Apple announced the introduction of its newest product, the Apple Watch. This revolutionary piece of technology has been hinted at for several years now and the Apple community has been eagerly awaiting its arrival. Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook finally gave us the details of its launch and pricing.

There are three distinct lines of the Apple Watch – Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. Each line has two sizes – 38mm and 42 mm – which refers to the size of the watch face. This is intended to help fit all wrist sizes.

To fully introduce the Apple Watch, Apple introduced the first commercial for its newest product line.

The Apple Watch Sport’s body is built out of anodized aluminum and features a fluoroelastomer band that comes in five bold colors. The body is available in either silver or space gray. The Apple Watch Sport will be available for $349 (38mm) and $399 (42mm).

The Apple Watch body is built out of stainless steel and is available in either the classic stainless steel color or stainless steel black. With the Apple Watch line there are several choices for bands – three different leather bands, a link bracelet, a Milanese loop, and a band made from the same high-performance fluoroelastomer as the Apple Watch Sport line. With the combination of band type, band color and body color, there are 20 different models to choose from. Depending on your choice of model, the Apple Watch ranges in price from $549 to $1099.

Apple Watch Edition has a body that is made from 18K Gold. This watch has had the most debated pricing and today Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that it will be available on a limited basis and only available in certain retail stores for preview. Apple Watch Edition has a starting price of $10,000.

All lines of the Apple Watch will be available for pre-order starting April 10. On that day, you can also preview them in retail stores. Apple Watches will be shipping April 24 and also available in retail stores that day. For full details on all Apple Watch models, visit

There is one more piece of the Apple event that I want to discuss and that is the release of ResearchKit. Apple software developers have been working diligently to develop a wonderful new developers kit to assist with medical research. This idea came about when Apple realized how powerful a diagnostic tool the iPhone is and they began parenting with sources of medical knowledge and research to help enlarge the pool of data to help fight diseases around the world. ResearchKit is an open source software framework aimed at helping to develop tools that help us learn about illness, disease and good health. While it may be slightly overshadowed by the launch of the new MacBook and the release of the Apple Watch, I believe ResearchKit stands a great chance at being one of the best tools for our greater global health.

For full details of all the news from today’s live Apple event, visit All of Apple’s videos can also be found on Apple’s YouTube page.