Charging Dock provides a stylish charging for your Apple Pencil

The one thing that I find really annoying about my Apple Pencil is charging it. It’s neat that you can plug it directly into the iPad to charge, but I am always afraid I will move the iPad and inadvertently break the lightning connector. Also, many times, I need to charge my iPad at the same time which forces the use of the lightning adapter for the pencil and that requires an extra lightning cable. It’s all pretty annoying and usually, I’m not charging my iPhone when this happens.

Apple Pencil Mini Charging Dock REVIEW

Mini Rant: I have no idea why Apple did not make the lightning port on the Apple Pencil female and then just include another lightning cable. Probably to save money.

OK, rant over and on to the solution! The Apple Pencil Charging Dock provides an elegant solution for my annoyance. This beautiful little wooden cylinder comes in several wood grain and color choices and has perfectly cut shapes to hold your Apple lightning port gender bender and the cap for your Apple Pencil when you are charging.

Apple Pencil Mini Charging Dock REVIEW

It is solidly constructed and has a very premium look and feel. It really does look like it could be an Apple product, which is a compliment to the effort Samdi put into the design and production. They even include a free lightning cable, which for me pushed this product to five stars.

I highly recommend this Apple Pencil dock to anyone looking to remove their charging headaches, while adding an attractive charger to their desk.


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