First time using Apple Pay with the Apple Watch

I’ve been using Apple Pay since my bank started allowing its users the option. As much as I enjoy using Apple Pay, I’ve noticed that while pulling my phone out and tapping the terminal is cool, it’s not to much different then pulling my credit card out and swiping. Don’t get me wrong. Apple Pay is much cooler and sometimes quicker, but I still have to reach into a pocket and pull my credit card iPhone out.

Today I got to use Apple Pay with my Apple Watch and it was amazing. Why you might ask? First of all, I did not have to pull my iPhone or credit card out of my pocket. My payment option is right on my wrist and there is no need to dig around trying to find the correct card or fight to get my phone out.

Secondly, even though I had to enter my pin number and tap on the terminal, it was still so much faster as you can see in the video.

Once I got to the register, I sat my items down double tapped the button below the digital crown to pull up my list of cards and then just put my wrist next to the terminal. That was it. If I would have been using credit and not debit as the payment option, I would not have had to enter my pin and the whole experience would have been even quicker.


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Something I had not even noticed until today is that not only does Passbook on my iPhone pull up my Walgreens card, but it does on my Apple Watch as well. I had no need to pull my phone out at all. I was able to gain my points for my purchase thanks to Passbook on the Apple Watch, again making it quicker than digging my iPhone out of my pocket. It makes sense that passes other then your credit cards can be pulled up when inside someplace like Walgreens via the Apple Watch because if you had to pull out your iPhone, why not just use Apple Pay on it?

Apple has done a great job with both Apple Pay and the Apple Watch. I can see myself using my new Apple Watch to pay everywhere it’s accepted. It’s just awesome.